The International Trophy Race.



The International Trophy Race.

EVERYTHING is now ready for the J.C.C. International Trophy Race to be held at Brooklands Track on May 6th. As has already been explained Ili MOTOR SPORT, the system of handicapping used will be of an entirely original character, utilising curves of varying severity to penalise the faster machines.

The start will take place at 2.30 p.m. the cars being sent away en masse from a point half way down the Finishing Straight. The length of the race will be 100 laps, each class of course having to cover a different mileage.

There are no limitations as to the type of car entered, except that it must be in racing trim, and any fuel may be used. Led by the generous gift of Sir William Morris in donating £500 for the winner, a good amount of prize money has been subscribed. Lord Wakefield has provided a trophy for the winner, Messrs. Joseph Lucas Ltd., have provided £100 for the entrant of the first British car, the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. have awarded £100 to the entrant of the second car home, and the M.G. Car Co., Ltd., have put up a very fine trophy for the best team performance. Among the many interesting entries so far received are, Earl Howe (M.G. Magnette), Sir H. Birkin (M.G. Magnette), Sir Malcolm Campbell (Sunbeam), K. Don (Bugatti), Count Czaikowski (Bugatti), Rose-Richards (Bugatti), G. E. T. Eyston (” Magic” Midget), a team of


WE have been asked by Messrs. James Young & Co., Ltd., of Bromley, and Mr. S. Harris, to point out two errors in the caption of a photograph which appeared on page 290 of our April issue. Mr. Harris’s name, through a typist’s error, was given as ” Haim,” and his Rolls Royce car was described as having a Park Ward body, instead of one made by James Young, as, of course, it should have been.

We greatly regret that these errors should have occurred, and tender our apologies to Mr. Harris and Messrs. James Young & Co., Ltd., for any inconvenience we may have caused them.

three Austins entered by Sir Herbert Austin, and a team of ” works ” Rileys and M.G. Midgets.

The Australian 200 Miles Race.

The most important event on the Australian calendar, the annual 200 Miles Race held on Phillip Island, ended in a magnificent win for Thompson, on a new Brooklands Riley, who, although he came Into the picture late, averaged 74.7 m.p.h. over the difficult 6i mile circuit. There is always plenty of excitement in this race, and this year the most lurid incident occurred when Lowe (Lombard) and bisher (Salmson.) piled up on a corner appropriately named “Heaven.” Lowe went through a fence, but pulled his car back on to the road and continued. There was a tremendous amount of engine trouble, both before and during the race. Terditch, the popular Bugatti driver, was forced to retire, as were McGrath, Warren, and Junkas (Bugatti). A splendid performance was put up by Jennings, with an M.G. Magna, who finished third, behind Drake-Richmond’s Bugatti. Other finishers were May (Austin), McKinney (Austin) and Lowe (Lombard).