pROBABLY the most common fault among motorists who have just learnt to drive is an inclination to drive on the very crown of the road. This state of affairs can be largely remedied by the use of a really powerful horn, sufficiently loud to

impinge on the consciousness of a slower driver some hundred yards or so ahead.

Such a horn is the new Sanor, recently introduced into this country by Messrs. C.H.S. Supplies Co., Ltd., of 32, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.1. There are two electric models, the " R " and the " R.2," the first being a single horn and the latter a twin-trumpet model. Similar construction is utilised for both types, the pumps and motors forming a single, compact unit which occupies a minimum of space. Great attention has been given to perfect balancing of the motors, and the Sanor horn possesses a great advantage in that the metallic diaphragm can be adjusted in order to vary the note. They are beautifully finished in. black and chromium

plate, and at £9 15s. for the " R.2 " and 26 15s. for the " R " models respectively, should be popular with all drivers of fast cars who want their machines to be as up-to-date as possible. C.H.S. Supplies Co. also market two other interesting accessories for sports car owners. The first is the "

Chess" combined fog and searchlight, which provides definitely safer driving conditions at night. By means of yellow segments in the reflector the light is slightly tinted, and being flat-topped and spreading across the road gives wonderful penetration in fog. For normal use the wide beam is ideal in winding lanes, giving almost round-the-corner illumination. The "Chess "lamp sells at three guineas, with chromium-plated finish and 5 in. ribbed lens. It weighs only 2lbs., and can be obtained for 6 and 12 volts.

Finally, there is the M.G. Midget cigarette lighter, a very handsome replica of the famous little sports car, which forms an attractive ornament for the Clubroom and private house alike. The price of the Midget lighter is 45/-.