COMPREHENSIVE display of Tal bats was staged by Messrs. Pass

and Joyce at their Hanover Square showrooms last month, fitted with a series of bodies to their own design.

On the ” 105″ chassis, in addition to the attractive Vanden Plas open four seater, which costs £735, three interesting closed cars by Young, of Bromley, were shown. The first was a grey drop-head coupe upholstered in green leather, in which the head could be folded right down, or left up like a coupe de ville. The Sports Foursome Saloon afford almost as much air as the drop-head model

for in addition to the usual large window in each door, quarter lights, which wind rearwards into the quarters, are fitted. With the sliding roof open one has virtually an open car. The third body was a four-door . saloon of graceful proportions. All these cars have useful luggage accommodation in a built-in trunk. The price in each case is £545. A spacious ” 95 ” saloon was shown, a replica of the car with which Mr. C. J. Joyce won the Coachwork Competition at Monte Carlo this year. In contrast to this there was a new departure in the shape of a two-four seater body open by Abbot, of Farnham, mounted on a ” Sev

enty Five ” chassis. This graceful little body normally has the appearance of a two-seater, with a coachbuilt panel behind the two front seats. When. the four seats are required the panel swings back and forms the back of the rear seat. Needless to say the hood, when erected, protects all the passengers. The complete car costs £545.

Philco radio was fitted to several of the cars and at sixteen guineas is an attractive proposition. It is interesting to know that it can be fitted successfully to open cars, and that the flexible wire aerial in the hood functions perfectly even when folded down.