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BROOKLANDS is a queer place. Sometimes a B.A.R.C. Meeting is crowded with close finishes-and the spectators go. away dissatisfied. At other times the handicapping is indifferent-and yet everyone is enthusiastic at the finish and leaves the track full of joie-de-vivre. The Easter Monday Meeting was of the latter variety. At least five of the nine

races were runaway victories, and yet we have seldom attended a more enjoyable B.A.R.C, meeting, The reason is possibly to be found in the number of really fast cars entered, and the excellent idea of running four Mountain races as three heats and a final, the whole event being called the ” British Mountain Handicap.”

The weather was threatening throughout the afternoon, and at one time a few spots of rain actually fell. Immediately after the last race the wind, which had worried people on the Members’ Banking, died down and a perfect summery evening descended on the Track.

No loss than 15 cars paraded. for the first race, the only non-starter being Briault’s Alta, The handicappers thought better of putting Essan-Scott’s 2-litre Bugatti on scratch in company with two Magnettes and a blown Frazer Nash, and altered his handicap to ” owes 5 seconds,” to the intense relief of the three drivers concerned.

After a lap had been covered the six leading cars bunched together in a solid pack, making an impressive sight as they roared round the Member’s Banking. Bowler was clinging to his limit lead on his well preserved 3-litre Bentley, chased by Collier’s Frazer Nash, Qats’s Alvis. Briggs’s Frazer Nash, and Roy Eccles and Percival on similar cars. But already the winner was clearly going to be Hartwell’s white M.G. Magnette, which had left behind its fellow scratch cars, ” Tim ” Davies’s Frazer Nash and Seyd’s ” c), ” type Midget, and had passed Beaver’s Vauxhall (sans conipresseur this time), Windsor-Richards’s 30/98, Baker’s Graham Paige, Lace’s Alta. and Kelway’s Bugatti.

On the last lap Hartwell caught the leaders at the Fork and ran in a comfortable winner at 102.21 m.p.h. Oats won the six-fold dogfight to take second plate, with Collier a mere 10 yards astern. Hartwell, incidentally, netted his followers a very nice ten-to-one.

After the race Baker was called before the Stewards and informed that he had been just a little too quick in leaving the starting line, but as he was not placed in the final result nothing further would he done about it. His Graham Paige looks very smart, and wears the dark blue colour borne in so many races by the same driver’s Minerva.

Easter Junior Short Handicap.

Distruscr (thou! e;.: »saes. 1.,

1. 1. G.. R. Hartwell (M.(., 1,087 c.c. S.), sor. 2. R. F. Oats (Alvis, 1,496 c.c), 36s

3. M. T. U. Collier (Frazer-Nash, 1,496 c.c.), 42s. Won by 250 yds. at 102.21 m.p.h., 10 _yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting-.I0–1, 6-1, 20-1. Also ran : H. P. Bowler (Bentley), $2s. ; G, Briggs Pazer Nash) and R. G. Percival (Frazer Nash), 42s. ; R. H. Eccles (Frazer Nash), 35s.; A. C. Kelway

Bugatti), 28s. ; A. C. Lace (Alta S.) and G. L. Baker (Graham-Paige), 23s. ; C, W. E. Windsor Richards (Vauxhall) and R. A. Beaver (Vauxhall), 16s. ; “Tint D. Davies’ (Frazer Nash S.), and V. L. Ley;d (M.G. Magmette S.), scr. ; A. Esson Scott (Bugatti), owes 5s.

The second race was full of promise.

In practice the Barnato Hassan, now enlarged to 8 litres, had been lapping round about the 140 m.p.h. mark in the hands of Oliver Bertram. Then Mrs. Kathleen Petre was down to drive the Delage with which she holds the Ladies’ Lap Record, and Miss Doreen Evans had entered the single-seater Midget, while C. J. P. Dodson was making his Austin debut On a side-valve single-seater. Another interesting car was ManbyColgrave’s streamlined monoposto Midget. At the end of the first lap things looked promising for Dodson, with the possibility of a challenge from Eccles’s 14-litre Bugatti and the Barnato-Hassan. On the second lap Eccles worked his way into third place with Bertram 8th, but the Austin was faltering and the Bugatti

shot into the lead. Bertram had been forced to go very near the outside in coming Off the Members’ Banking, but he kept going at great speed and swooped on to the Bugatti to win by a hundred yards. Miss Evans caught Dodson on the last run to the post, the Austin falling’ right back. Mrs. Petre ran a careful race with the big Delage, but the front wheels wobbled ominously after taking the Inimp.

It would have been interesting to have known Bertram’s fastest lap. For all we know he may have broken the lap record, but as record-attempts and record laps are no longer to he recognised or announced during B.A.R.C. meetings we shall have to be content with congratulating him on a splendid average speed of 122.33 m.p.h.

Easter Senior Short Handicap. Distance, about 61 miles. .12 ran.

Distance, about 61 miles. .12 ran.

1. 0. Bertram (Barnato-Hassan Special, 7,963 c.c.), scr.

2. A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti, 1,493 C.c. s.), 18s.

3. Miss D. B. Evans (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 24s.

Won by 100 yds., at 122.33 m.p.h. ISO yds. between 2nd and 3rd. Bening-2-1, 4-1, 16-1,

ran.: C. G. H. Dunham (Alvis), and M. P. Simpson (Riley), 39s.; C. J. P. Dodson (Austin), F. :I. Fielding (Bugatti), W. M. Couper (Talbot), and H. Rose (Alfa-Romeo), 30s. ; G. F. A. Manby-Colegrave. (M.(;., 747 c.c. S.), 24s.; R. T. Horton (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), I8s. : Mrs. K. Petre (Delage), scr. The third race was one of the best We

have seen at Brooklands for many a long day-in spite of a 300 yards victory for the winning car. That it was going to be a really fast race could be judged by the entry : the Delage, Eccles’s new ” 3.3,” Froy on the ” four-nine,” the Leyland Thomas, Marker’s Bentley, Jarvis on the 2.5 Maserati, Rayson’s very quick 14-litre Bugatti, Bainton’s 4-cylinder ” Bug,” and Samuel’s ” Q ” Midget on the limit mark. Bainton led at the end of a lap, but the situation was developing. rapidly at the rear. Bertram knew only One position for the accelerator pedal, and fairly tore by Froy (4.9 Bugatti) and Rose (2.5 Maserati) as they passed the Fork. On the Members’ Banking he came up behind Eccles (3.3 Bugatti) and Marker (Bentley) both of whom were comfortably placed on the Banking. Bertram promptly forced the Delage down at the critical moment and rushed away down the Railway Straight on the inside. Now there only stood Bainton’s and RaySon’s Bugattis between the Delage and victory, and the wonderful old car caught them both ere the Aeroplane Sheds were reached. In the lead with practically a lap to go ! Even after easing up his speed for the race was 124.26

Rayson was going magnificently with the 8-cylinder Bugatti, whose exhaust note was a delight to the enthusiastic car. 111was closely followed by Marker, Eccles and Froy. The latter had now got into his stride, and passed Eccles and Rayson on the inside coining off the banking. Marker just kept ahead, however, and took second place by 10 yards. Samuel (M.G.) and Jarvis (Maserati) both retired, and Munday’s LeylandThomas carried a hopeless handicap from the 9 secs. mark, only 4 secs. ahead of the 4.9 Bugatti with its known lap speed of 135 m.p.h. Parry-Thomas at his finest could not get the car to lap at more than 129 m.p.h., and yet the handicappers expected Munday to beat this by several m.p.h. with an un-streamlined body

I Easter Lightning Short Handicap.

Distance, about Ci miles. 9 ran.

1. 0. Bertram (Delage, 10,688 c.c.), scr.

2. R. R. K. Marker (Bentley, 6,597 c.c.), 13$.

3. D. Fray (Bugatti, 4,975 c.c. S.), 5s.

Won by 300 yds., at 124.26 m.p.h., 10 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting-10-1, 10-1, 3-1.

Also ran: A. R. Samuel (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 35s.; A. G. Bainton (Bugatti), 29s. E. K. Rayson (Bugatti), 26s.•, R. Jarvis (Maserati), 13s.; R. J. Munday (Leyland Thomas), 9s.; A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti, 3,255 c.c. S.), 5s.

The proof of Mountain Race popularity was shown by the entry for the” British Mountain Handicap, for which no less than 45 entries were received. These were divided into three heats of 15 cars, the first five in each heat qualifying for the final.

The first race was a trifle disappointing, for two of the most fancied competitors were both virtually out of the race on the first lap. Kayson suffered from faulty brakes on approaching the Fork and shot down the “escape road.” He rejoined the course, but retired after a slow crawl for one lap. Then Charles Martin did the same thing on his twin-camshaft Bugatti, retiring at the Fork. Meanwhile Cholmondeley-Tapper (on Smith’s Bugatti) was holding his limit

lead well, followed for two laps by J. H. Bartlett (Bartlett-Salmson), who gave way to C. A. Richardson (Riley). This went on for four out of five laps, until Kenneth Evans caught the leaders on the rush down to the Fork. Behind the ” Q” Midget Cook (E.R.A.) and Eccles (3.3 Bugatti) were both travelling very fast, but the former failed to catch Evans by 25 yards, with Eccles 15 yards further back. T. S. Fothringham was fourth and

Richardson fifth.

First Heat of “British ” Mountain Handicap. Distance, about 6 miles. 12 ran.

1. K. D. Evans (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 23$.

2. H. W. Cook (E.R.A., 1,486 c.c. 13s.

3. A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti, 3,255 c.c. S.), scr.

4. T. S. Fothringharn (Bugatti, 2,263 c.c. S.), 9s.

5. C. A. Richardson (Riley, 1,089 c.c.), 40s. Won by 25 yds, at 69.74 m.p.h., 150 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting-2-1, 4-1, 5-1.

Also ran: T. P. Cholmondeley-Tapper (Bugatti), 40s.; J. H. Bartlett (Bartlett-Salmson), 40s. ; D. A. Aldington (Frazer Nash), 36s.; A. Esson Scott (Bugatti), 27s. ; D. N. Letts (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 23s, , E. K. Rayson (Bugatti), 19s.; C. E. C. Martin (Bugatti; 2,263 c.c. S.), 3s. Fourteen cars lined up for the second heat, but that was as far as A. A. Rigby got with his Magna, so that 13 cars actually took part in the race. It was an easy thing for Dr. Roth’s Talbot, but that did not detract from his very fine handling of a car not ideally suited for the Mountain circuit. He wiped out Hughes (Frazer Nash) 8 seconds start in one lap, and was

never (Bentley) and Wilkins (Alfa-Romeos) held the next two places for four laps, and the latter finally finished third. The best of the back-markers was C. S. Staniland, driving T. A. S. 0. Mathieson’s twin-camshaft Bugatti. He started from the 9 secs’ mark and drove magnificently to finish in second place. L. P. Driscoll might have done better than fourth had he not been delayed on the 2nd lap by Jock Leith, who did a most spectacular tOte-a-queue at the Fork right in the path of the Austin. P. G. Fairfield (E.R.A. 1,100 c.c.) finished fifth, while Raymond Mays had a most uncomfortable passage on the 2-litre model. The car was misfiring soon after the start, and suddenly belched forth clouds of smoke which filled the cockpit and practically blinded the driver. He pluckily continued. Dr. Benj afield was not too happy on the recently acquired 2.6-litre Alfa-Romeo, and seemed to lack practice.

Second Heat of the ” British ” Mountain Handicap. about 6 miles. 14

Distance, about 6 miles. 14 ran.

1. Dr. E. J. H. Roth (Talbot, 2,970 c.c..), 43s.

2. C. S. Staniland (Bugatti, 2,263 c.c. S.), 9s.

3. R. S. Wilkins (Alfa-Romeo, 2,336 c.c. S.), 27s.

4. L. P. Driscoll (Austin, 747 c.c. S.),, 19s.

5. P. G. Fairfield (E.R.A., 1,090 c.c. S.), 19$.

Won by 75 yds. at 66.44 m.p.h., 150 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting-3-1, 4-1, 20-1.

Also ran: A. A. Rigby (M.G.’ 1,087 c.c.): E. G. Hughes (Frazer Nash), 51s. ; C. T. Baker-Carr (Bentley) 40s.; H. Rose (Alfa-Romeo); J. H. T. Smith (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 27s.; G. R. Hartwell (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 23s.; Hon. J. Leith (Bugatti), 16s.; Dr. J. LI. Benjafield (Alfa-Romeo), 9$.; K. Mays (E.R.A., 1,980 c.c. S.) scr.

The third heat was a most exciting affair, as seen from the Fork. Phenomenal avoidance succeeded phenomenal avoidance, a barrel was sent flying and one car did a terrific broadside.

Bowen-Buscarlet’s Riley, the limit car, had reached the Fork before R. 0. Shuttleworth’s mono posto Alfa-Romeo was given the flag. The excitement began on the second lap, when Dobbs found himself going too fast to get round smoothly and had a distinct ” moment” in avoiding the barrels. Reggie Tongue was not so successful, and hit one for six. Incidentally the barrels are now filled with sand, and don’t roll so well as they used to. The great thrill came with the arrival of L. Fontes, with the 2.3-litre Alfa-Romeo raced last season by John Cobb, and before him by Brian Lewis. He slid right round in a long skid, stalling his engine and giving the people behind an anxious time. He terrified everyone by restarting and turning the car in the face of oncoming traffic. Finally A. R. Samuel approached at terrific speed on the ” Q ” Midget, and was duly applauded at the conclusion of a successful wrestle with his rampant steed 1

The crowd wiped their perspiring brows and settled down to watch the remaining laps with fatalistic calm. No one misbehaved for the rest of the race, however, except J. W. Lucas, whose special Riley seems to suffer from ague in the front wheels. After frightening everyone for several laps he then got into a dangerous slide at the Fork which left him heading straight for the unfortunate BowenDuscarlet. The latter, being a Squadron. Leader in the R.A.F., and, therefore thoroughly accustomed to a “dog-fight,” extricated himself from the jaws of impending doom with great adriotness. For this pretty display Lucas was called before the Stewards. Curtain, please.

In the middle of all this excitement it was somewhat difficult to remember what was actually happening in the race. Shuttleworth drove a great race with the Monoposto, and had got into third place on the 4th lap. Freddie Dixon, making a welcome re-appearance after his recent air-crash, had by this time reached fifth place. On the final lap Shuttleworth got to the front, Dixon passed Dobbs, who kept ahead of Jarvis (Maserati) and Duller (Bugatti).

Third Heat of the ” British ” Mountain Handicap.

Distance, about 6 miles. 14 ran.

I. R. O. Shuttlewort h (Alfa-Romeo, 2,906 cc. S.) Kr.

2. Fred W. Dixon (Riley, 1,808 c.c.), 16s.

3. H. G. Dobbs (Riley, 1,486 c.c.), 24s.

4. R. Jarvis (Mascrati, 2,514 c.c. S.), 6s. 5. R. L. Duller (Bugatti, 2,263 c.c. S.), 13s, Won by 150 yds., at 76.31 m.p.h., 50 yds between

2nd and 3rd.

Betting-8-1, 3-1, 5-1. Also ran: W. A. Bowen-Buscarlet (Riley), 1m. 8s. ;

J. W. Lucas (Riley), 53s,; A. Baron (Bugatti), 46s.; R. H. Eccles (Frazer Nash), 40s.; G. Casswell (Frazer Nash), 37s.; R. E. Tongue (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 24s.; A. R. Samuel (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 20s.; L. Fontes (Alfa-Roinco), 10s.

The next event on the programme was the triumphal parade of ” Blue Bird ” by Sir Malcolm Campbell, recently returned from Daytona after setting up a new Land Speed Record of 276.82 m.p.h.

The seventh race was an outer-circuit affair, and was noteworthy for a really magnificent performance by Mrs. K. Petre, at the wheel of Shuttleworth’s 2.3-litre Bugatti. Starting from scratch, with 13 cars ahead of her, Mrs. Petrie passed them one by one to get into the lead on the last lap and win as she liked by 500 yards. Her speed for the race of 118.12 m.p.h. was splendid, especially as she cut out near the finish.

Hughes (Frazer Nash), had a good lead for some time, but was then passed by Miss M. Allan (Bentley), and F. Monkhouse (Amilcar), who finally finished second and third behind Mrs. Petre. Dobbs finished a very good fourth, coming up very fast.

Easter Junior Long Handicap. about 9

Distance, about 9 miles. 14 rats.

I. Mrs. K. Petrie (Bugatti, 2,263 c.c. S.), scr.

2. Miss M. Allan (Bentley, 4,398 c.c.), Int. Ss. 3. F. Monkhouse (Amilcar, 1,093 c.c.), 1m. 9s. Won by 500 yds. at 118.12 m.p.h., 25 yds. between

2nd and 3rd.

Betting-3-1, 3-1, 8-1. Also ran : S. G. Greene (M.G., 1,087 c.c.), 1m. 34s.; E. 0. Hughes (Frazer Nash), lin. 24s.; R. F. Oats (Alvis), 1m. 13s.; G. L. Baker (Graham-Paige), 57s.;

I. F. Connell (Vale Special), 44s.; M. P. Simpson (Riley), C. G. H. Dunham (Alyis), 37s.; C. J. P. Dodson (Austin), H. G. Dobbs (Riley, 1,089 c.c..), 29s.; Miss D. B. Evans (M.G., 747 c.c. S.) 15s.; D. Froy (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 12s. The senior long resulted in yet another runaway victory, but this time the in

accuracy of the handicapping was excusable. J. C. Davis has had a good deal of bad luck with his lir-litre Delage, but this time he had got the car going really well, and fairly surprised everybody.

Dobbs Was limit man, but he had lost the lead to Tongue (M.G. Magnette) after one lap. Davis then went into the lead on the next lap, and streaked round at terrific speed, going unpleasantly near the top of the Home Banking on each lap. So near did his offside wheels approach the retaining wall that a great cloud of dust went up, and we waited for his reappearance on the Members’ Banking with some anxiety. Tongue was still second, with W. M. Couper (Talbot), third, but A. P. Hamilton -(Alfa-ROmeO), was creeping up, as were Shuttleworth (Bugatti), Marker (Bentley), Froy (Bugatti) and Bertram (Barnato-Hassan).

Tongue held his second place on the next lap, and Davis had an easy win by 700 ‘Hamilton was a close third.

700 yds. was a Easter senior Long Handicap. Distance, about miles. 11 ran.

Distance, about miles. 11 ran.

1. 3. C. Davis (Delage, 1,484 c.c. S.), 36s.

2. A. P. Hamilton (Alfa-Romeo, 2,336 c.c. S.), I Is.

3. R. E. Tongue (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 45s. Won by 700 yds., at 113.03 m.p.h. 50 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting-2-1, 10-1, 20-1.

Also ran : H. G. Dobbs (Riley, 1,089 c.c.), 4&s.; W. M. C,ouper (Talbot), 45s.; A. G. Bainton (Bugatti), ; R. 1. Horton (M.G., 1,087 c.c. S.), 26s.; R. 0. Shuttleworth (Bugatti); R. R. K. Marker (Bentley), 6s. ; D. Froy (Bugatti), scr. ; 0. Bertram (BarnatoHassan), owes, I5s.

The last race of the day was the final of the ” British ” Mountain Handicap over 10 laps, and it proved to be a fitting close to a good day.

For some time Dr. Roth held the lead on his Talbot, but on the 5th lap he was passed by Dobbs, who was handling his Riley really well, cornering with a steady power-slide. At this stage, Dixon was already making his presence felt and was lying third. Two laps later he was in the lead. Meanwhile some splendid duels were being waged in the rear. Cook (E.R.A.), Evans (M.G. Midget), Staniland (Bugatti), Jarvis (Maserati), Fothringliam (Bugatti), and Duller (Bugatti), did several laps in a close bunch, making a stirring sight as they howled round the Fork. Stiiniland, incidentally, was another example of extraordinary handicapping, his 2.3-litre Bugatti, being put on the same mark as Lindsay Eccles’ 3.3-litre model

Eccles was slowly picking up place after place, and on the 8th lap got into 4th place.

Some mild excitement was caused in this race when Richardson’s Riley caught fire behind the Members’ Hill. He stopped the Car and got out before the flames touched him, and the Pyrene people did the rest.

Final of the ” British ” Mountain Handicap. Distance, about 12 miles. 1;; ran.

1;; ran.

I. Fred W. Dixon (Riley, 1,808 c.c.), 32s.

2. A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti, :3,255 c.c. S,), 8s.

3. H. G. Dobbs (Riley, 1,488 c.c.), 46s. Won by 400 yds., at 74.68 m.p.h. 30 yds. between

2nd and 3rd.

Bening-3-1, s-I, 16-1.

Also ran : C. A. Richardson (Riley), tin. 15s. ; Dr. E. J. H. Roth (Talbot), 50-. ; L. P. Driscoll (Austin) ; P. G. Fairfield (E.R.A., 1,090 c.c, S.), 40s. ; K. D. Evans (M.G., 747 c.c. S.), 35s. ; R. L. Duller (Bugatti) ; R. S. Wilkins (Alfa-Romeo), 32s. ; T. S. Fothingham (Bugatti), 25s. ; R. Jarvis (Maserati), 17s.; C. S. Staniland (Bugatti), 8s. ; R. 0. Sbuttleworth. (Alfa-Romeo), scr.