"Your Engine Pinks"



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because the accumulation of carbon on piston and cylinder heads has decreased the size of the combustion chamber and so increased the compression ratio of 6 to i beyond the antiknock limit of the petrol you are using.”

“All right, Prof., but how can I stop it ? “

“Use a spirit with alcohol in it. Alcohol is the anti-knocking agent, and with Cleveland Discol, the alcohol spirit, your engine won’t pink even if you raise the compression ratio to 83, to 1.

The overwhelming superiority of Cleveland Discol over any other motor spirit is that it not only absolutely prohibits pinking but that it gives such an extraordinary power output and amazingly quiet and smooth running. Cleveland Disco’ makes driving a pleasure, even at 30 miles an hour, and it’s good for your engine.”


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‘Cleveland” is the Trade Mark name of Petroleum Storage and Finance Corporation Ltd. and “Discol” is the Trade Mark name of The Distillers Company Ltd.

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