The Westward Ho Trial attracted eighteen starters. So well do the ladies perform nowadays that Station Hill was not even observed, and Beggar's Roost and Doverhay accounted for only one failure each. Hookway acceleration test gave Miss P. Goodban the fastest time, her Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. taking 4.59 secs. Miss Labouchere (Frazer-NashB.M.W.) was second in 4.77 secs. and Miss Hedges was third, taking 4.78 secs. also in a Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.-which cars seem to earn fresh laurels in every trial. Some nice time-keeping character

ised this test. Thirteen claimed firstclass awards-good showing.


First-class Awards : Mrs. Wood ; Miss Taylor ; Miss Wilby ; Miss Goodban ; Miss Hedges ; Miss Watson ; Miss Milne; Mrs. Needham ; Miss Haig; Miss Dobson ; Miss Morel ; Miss Hobbs ; Miss Labouehere.

Second-class Awards : Mrs. Willcoeks.

Third-class Awards : Miss Marshall.

Novices Award : Miss V. Morel.


The annual rally and hill-climb of the Veteran Car Club took place on April 18th at Oxted, the hill used being Tilburstow, as in the previous year. Thirty-five cars built prior to 1905 were entered and thirty checked-in at Oxted, though some were considerably behind time, as their crews had experienced much adventure on the journey. Sam Wright brought his 1901 Humber in safely after a run of 320 miles, and E. S. Pitchford, on a 1902 Oldsmobile, had 149 miles to his credit. P. R. Allen (1904 Riley tri-car) covered 132 miles, J. Belmont-Taylor (1903 De Dion) 120 miles, Capt. E. de W. S. Colver (1896 Arnold motor-carriage) 103 miles, and Major G. W. G. Allen, (1899 M.M.C.) 101 miles-so that these veterans are proved as bale and well-maintained as ever, and a credit to the club. After

lunch came the long timed ascent of Tilburstow, watched by a very big gathering of spectators. Perhaps the fastest cars were the Blakes' 1903 Gordon Bennett Napier and the Hon. Mitchell Thomson's " Sixty " Mercedes. But good climbs were recorded by Colver's Arnold, Allday's Benz, Davis' 1898 M.C.C., Turner's 1899 Panhard, Wright's Humber, Thompson's Renault, Hutton-Stott's Lanchester and Capt. J. H. Wylie's 8 h.p. Wolseley. The provisional results, based on formula, are :


Best Performance in Rally: Sam Wright (1901 Humber) Runner-up: E. S. Pitchford (1902 Oldsmobile) Class winners in hill-climb

Class 1: Capt. Colver (1896 Arnold). Clan 2: H. j. F. Parsons (1900 De Dion). Clue 8: F. W. Hutton-Stott (1902 Lanehester). Class 4: F. L. Wiginton (1904 Wolseley)