There has been a hill-climb at La Turbie, just outside Nice, ever since motoring began. At least one famous driver, Count Zborowski, father of the Brooklands driver, was killed in ascending its rock-lined gradient.

This year’s event was interesting because two record holders were in opposition. Hans Stuck who this year drove an Auto-Union, had claimed this distinction in 1929 with his famous old Austro-Daimler, with a time of 4 mins. 9.8 secs., while the, present record holder, J. P. Wimille was also there with his 3.3-litre Bugatti with which he had clocked 8 min. 43.2 secs. last year. The weather on the day of the event was more like the kind one expects at Shelsley Walsh than on the ” sunny “

Riviera. Rain fell steadily, but after half-an-hour’s delay it mercifully stopped and a burst of sunshine soon dried the surface of the hill.

Wimille was the first of the two important rivals to make his climb. The young Frenchman drove brilliantly, with those glorious slides which are typical of his driving. The Bugatti certainly could not have been taken up quicker by anyone in the prevailing condition, but his time was a fifth of a second slower than last year, 3 min. 43.4 secs.

Stuck realised he would have to give of his best to beat Wimille, and his climb was simply terrific. He used the special short chassis Auto-Union, adapted for hill-climbs, and he hurled the car round corner after corner with magnificent skill. His time was a new record of 3 min. 89.8 secs.

In the smaller classes British cars did well. Probably the outstanding performance was that of Walter Balmier, the German Austin driver, who clocked 4 mins. 19.4 secs. and beat Bobby Kohlrausch on the ” ex-Magic ” Midget, who climbed in 4 min. 23.8 secs, MaillardBrune completed the clean sweep for British cars in the 750 c.c. class by recording 4 min. 49.2 secs. on an R type M.G. Midget. Then Miss Riddell, made a flue climb on her K.3 M.G. Magnette in 4 min. 42 secs. to take second place in the

1,100 c.c. racing class. In the sports classes Savage’s Singer was first in the 1,100 c.c. division, while in the 1,500 c.c. group Lapchin’s Riley was first and Lord Patrick Stuart’s N type M.G. second. In past years the English spectators have always been amazed at the lurid cornering of French saloons in the sports classes, but this year only one driver

of a Chevrolet did his stuff. The car skidded almost broadside, quite in the manner of the police cars in American films, and continued on its way at reduced speed. But it didn’t turn over. Here are the full results :

General Classification Stuck

Stuck (Auto-Union) 3m. 39.8s.

Wimille (Bugatti) 3m. 43.4s.

Chambost (Maserati) 3m. 52.8s.

Sommer (Alfa-Romeo) 3m 55.2s.

Kautz (14-litre Maserati) 4m. 9.4s.

Ruesch (Maserati) 4m. 11.4s.

Chambost (Salinson) 4m. 13.8.s.

Balmer (Austin) 4m. 19.4s.

9. Chambard (Bugatti) 4m. 19.6s.

10. Kohlrausch (M.G.) 4m. 22.88.

11. Miss Riddell (M.G.) 4. 42s.

12. MailLard Brune (M.G.) 4m. 49.28.

13. Thimo (mime Special) Sin. 7.68.

Racing Classes

750 0.0. :.1 Bawner (Austin) 4m. 19.4s.; 2, Koldrausch (M.G.) 4m. 23.8$.; 3, Maillard-Brune (M.G.) 4m. 49.28.

1,100 c.c. : 1, Cha.mbost (Salmson) 4m. 13.88.; 2, Miss Riddell (Ma.) 4m. 42s.

1,500 0.0. : 1, Kautz (Maserati) 4m 9.4s.; 2, Chambard (Bugatti) 4w. 19.6s.

8,000 c.c. ; 1, Chatnbost (Maserati) 3m. 52.88. ; 2, Ituesch (Maserati) 4m. 11.48.; 3, Zanelli (Nacioruil Pescara) 4m. 46.28.

5,000 0.0. : 1, Wimille (Bugatti) 3m. 43.4s.; 2, Sommer (Alfa-Romeo) 3m. 55.28.; 3, Teandirola (Maserati) 4m. 17.8s. 8,000 0.0.: 1, Stuck (Auto-Union) Sm. 19.88,

Sports Classes 750 c.c. : Maillard-Brune 5m. 57.88.

750 c.c. : 1, Maillard-Brune (M.G.) 5m. 57.88.

1,100 c.c. : 1, Savage (Singer) 5m. 58.8s. 1,500 0.0. : 1, Lapchin (Riley) 5m. 14.28.; 2, Lord

Patrick Stuart (M.G.) 6m. 55s. 2,000 c.o. : 1, Mile. Relic-Nice (AIfa-Romeo) 4m. 30.4s.; 2, Rossi (Talbot) 5m. 17.6$. 3, Chaumette

(Talbot) 5m. 34.4s.

5,000 c.c. : 1, Perrot (Delahaye) 4m. 27.6$.’ 2, Schell (Delahaye) 4m. 44.2s.; 3, Carriere (Matford)

4m. 53.4s.