The regulations for the Tourist Trophy Race to be held at Donington Park on Saturday, 3rd September, next have now been issued by the Royal Automobile Club. They have been drastically altered from previous years in a number of respects. Cars eligible must still represent the sports or touring type of chassis and must be equipped with a self-starter and electric lighting set including a dynamo, provision for all of which must have been made in the design of the chassis. The car need not however represent a type that has been catalogued and offered for

THE D. 8. 120 DELAGE continued from page 178

Before ending this article it might not be out of place to refer briefly to the smaller D.6.70 model which is rated at 24 h.p. (2,729 c.c.) and sells with a similar body for 098. It is in all practical respects a smaller six-cylinder edition of the D.8.120 and a really admirable

sale to the public, and for the first time since the race was revived in 1928, manufacturers will be free to enter experimental cars. The following restrictions are imposed :

Superchargers are not permitted ; International formula ears are not eligible ; Pump fuel is obligatory ; A minimum weight and wheel base based on engine capacity is prescribed; Not more than one carburetter per pair of cylinders is permitted. The competing cars will be required to be fitted with bodies complying with the car at the price. University Motors

carry out several modifications before selling this model in England, including fitting one or three S.U. carburetters, according to the customer’s requirements. As a result, the power output is substantially increased, and the very highly creditable maximum of 90 m.p.h. obtained. If the D.8.120 were to be

.A.I.A.C.R. regulations, including mudguards ; whilst silencers are obligatory.

The event will be divided into five scratch races run concurrently, for cars in the following classes :-1,100 c.c., 1,500 c.c., 2,000 c.c., :3,000 c.c., and over 3,000 c.c. There will be a first prize of i:200 and a second prize of £100 in each class. Provided there are three entries to qualify for a first prize and five for a second prize.

Copies of the regulations, with entry form, may be obtained from the Secretary, Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London, SW. 1. dealt with in a similar manner the performance would doubtless become even more outstanding than it now already is, I understand that the big Delage is selling in good quantities, and it is certainly a notable addition to the wide range of fast luxury cars in which University Motors specialise, and to the famous marque whose name it graces