It was with great pleasure that I read the article by Marcus Chambers entitled “Preserve or Perish” in the December issue. I am sure the vast majority of enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that vandalism of the sort to which he refers is most strongly to be deprecated, and should be discouraged, forbidden and punished at every available opportunity.

I was very interested in the Scottengined Aston-Martin illustrated in the same issue, as this is at present in my possession, though, alas ! not with the same power unit, as the original has been replaced. The Scott power unit, in a light tubular frame with i.f.s., would make a very useful smallish sports car. Concerning the Atalanta mentioned in the Editorial article on High-Performance

Cars, surely the later models of the 14and 2-litre type, which had the Arnott supercharger, differed from the original design in that they had only two valves per cylinder, and the supercharger was a permanency and could not be declutched. An article, or some experiences, on one of these cars would be very acceptable, as I have never seen any performance data, etc., for this model.

In conclusion, the other members of the ” Scuderia Impecuniosa ” join with me in congratulating you on the continued excellence of MOTOR SPoRT–the high-spot in every month. I am, Yours, etc.,

J. A. COOPER,. Leicester. [We believe Mr. Cooper is correct re the later Atalantas.—ED.]