Club News, May 1945



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Thoseiwho seek ” 14/40 ” Delage ears are reminded that G. A. Brooks, Ltd., of Lingfield, have been advertising a 1925 tourer for 225, and a similar car has been advertised in Leeds. A whole collection of ancients has been discovered by Axel Berg in Herefordshire, including a sound example of early Trojan, a 1901 Oldsmobile, a 1914 Sunbeam 16-h.p. tourer, several Beans, pre-war editions of Chevrolet and Studebaker, a 1926 Rhode tourer in good order, and a Talbot-Simmins sports 2-seater. The last-named was a special version of ” 8/18 ” Talbot which appeared on the market, and the prototype of which ran in several sprint contests in 1924. Another car of touring type which may interest the impecunious is a 1922 Swift tourer, stored for many moons and consequently sound in wind and limb, which has turned up in the Huddersfield area. This, like most of the others, needs tyres, which reminds us that Axel Berg seeks four 6.00-in. by 20-in. covers for his O.E. ” 80/98 ” Vauxhall, not to mention a spare engine for his 1923 E-type “30/98.” There is also a well-preserved 1925 Morris-Cowley saloon, formerly a taxi, for sale for £20, in Fleet. Our warmest congratulations to RiversFletcher and Penny Fletcher on the birth of their son, Peter Rivers-Fletcher. Rivers-Fletcher is now using a Monacoprepared 2-seater ” 12/60 ” Alvis beetleback 2-seater, and liking it a lot. F/Lt. Mallock is thinking in terms of a Ford V8 trials car, but continues to be a staunch Austin Seven addict. He considers the

ideal Austin Seven stable to comprise a saloon, a blown road car, an unblown sports/racing car, a trials car and a singleseater sprint job. He recently bought a blown ” Ulster ” from Continental Cars to swell his stable.

A Brescia Bugatti which ran in the W. Hartlepool speed trials just before the war is stored in a Yorkshire garage. It has two Solex carburetters, a Scintilla magneto and a single-seater body, while the front axle has Type 37 brakes and the chassis is underslung beneath the rear axle. Rowland, of Bylleet, has some interesting cars for sale, a recent visit revealing the racing straight-eight Maserati, an ” Ulster ” Aston-Martin, the ex-Dobbs T.T. 1*-litre Riley, an AlfaRomeo saloon, etc. H.R.G. hope to resume car-manufacture after the war and it seems likely that their productions will be even lighter than before. Capt. George Eyston gave a talk on motor racing to technical staff of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, S. Farnborough, last March—he had quite a bit to do with the establishment many years ago. S. R. Southall is busy renovating a 7th Series Lancia “Lambda,” which is destined to have “some low form of utility body suitable for farm work.” Mosby hopes to acquire, with Roy Booth, Gandhi’s 1910 38-h.p. sleeve-valve Minerva, and to rebuild it for veteran events. A rough O.E. ” 30/98 ” Vauxhall, a sound 8-litre “Red Label” Bentley, and a very excellent 8-litre Bentley are reported to be at a breaker’s at Dorchester, Oxon. P. McCormick, 17, All Saints Road, Clifton, Bristol 8, urgently requires an inside-pattern exhaust manifold for a Meadows 4ED engine. I. F. Connell wishes to dispose of his famous Darracq. Speedway Motors, Worthing, advertised

a 1927 4-seater Clyno for recently ; another example of the really cheap car of touring type which we have often advocated as ideal for impecunious beginners.

Comdr. R. Blaxford, R.N., has bought a 1 flitre Alfa-Romeo, which he is having serviced by Thomson and Taylor. C. H. Northrop is toying with the idea of installing a Gipsy ” Minor ” aero-engine in a car chassis. J. Norris seeks a 2-litre Lagonda engine, a ” 15/46 ” or 2.8 to 1 ratio Bentley axle, and a large petrol tank suitable for a “Speed Six” Bentley. Sgt. Pilot D. A. Blackford has bought a Type 55 B.M.VV., E. A. Nicholas is on the track of a 1929 o.h.c. Alfa-Romeo, and G. G. Radford is anxious to obtain a racing-type crankshaft for a 1933 J2 M.G. The Semmence Special has been seen at the T.T. Garage, Farnham.

INSTRUCTION BOOK LIBRARY Those who have so contri

Those who have so generously contributed books to the MoTon SPORT Instruction Book Library will be interested to know that since the loan scheme was reinstituted, 14 instruction books have been requested in less than two months. The book covering the 1*-litre Invicta has been most in demand. Books are loaned free for three weeks Additional books will be greatly appreciated. Recent additions include those for 382 B.141.W., Riley Nine,

2i and 3i-litre S.S. cars, “10/20 ” Salmson (push-rod and o.h.c.), 14-litre and 9 h.p. Singer Sports,” 10/25″ Rover, 1936-7 sixcylinder Talbots. Will those who wish to borrow Instruction Books from the MOTOR SPORT Library please note that a large, suitably stamped envelope should be sent when requesting books. Apply to W.B., 123, Bilton Lane, Harrogate, Yorks. If a book is already on loan some delay may occur before you receive it, but staff shortage makes it impoisible to acknowledge requests—so please be patient.