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VIVE LE SPORT! Makers and drivers of sports cars might, before the war, have been thought a rather odd bunch by some more utilitarian motorists. But the war has justified up to the hilt their enthusiasm, their constant experimentation, their =resting search for something better. More than one discovery due to ” spoils ” motoring has found application in the design of our aircraft and our tanks . . . This advancement of the art is only one of the reasons why Blakes have always taken a special interest in sports cars and their keen owners. It’s an interest we look forward to developing again after the war — not only by supplying cars but in supplying also that specialised kind of service the sports motorist looks for and has a right to expect. Keep this in mind for the day when victory opens the roads again, and motoring-for

motoring’s-sake is permitted. • 110 BOLD STREET. LIVERPOOL 1 : koy,/ 66.22

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