The Jersey Race

Everyone who possibly can seems to be going over to Jersey on May 8th, many by boat, others by the approved air line or with air-charter companies, a number employing R.A.F. experience by flying themselves over — we rather expect to see the last-named floating home on rubber dinghies all the following week.

Entries from the list given to us just before closing date were as follows: Ten Maseratis, drivers Chiron, Pagani, "Bira," Sommer, Connell and Evans, Parnell, Ansell and Bainbridge, R. Dixon and Grey, Gilbey and Monkhouse, and one unspecified; ten E.R.A.s, drivers Mays, Whitehead, Walker, Brooke, Cotton and Wilkinson, Abecassis, Gerard and Turner, Harrison, Bolster, and the Ashmores; four Delage, drivers Woodall, Louveau, Levagh, Achard; one Bugatti (Cleveland Harmer and Chorlton), one Darracq (Johnson); one Delahaye (Pozzoli); and the Challenger (Hampshire). Total, 28 cars. The winner? Our tip is Sommer or Chiron, if they come over, Mays or Parnell of the British drivers.