Forthcoming Important Events

Forthcoming Important Events


The first Prescott hill-climb of 1947 starts at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 11th. Organised by the Bugatti Owners' Club, this is an Open Meeting. Classes are for veterans, 14 litre, 14-8-litre and over 8litre sports cars, and 500-c.c., 501-750-c.c., 751-c.c., 14-litre, 14-2-litre and over 2litre racing cars. Cars may not be entered in classes outside their capacity limits, but sports cars can compete in racing-car classes. The racing-car classes will all be run off in the middle of the programme. Prize money comes to nearly 1145. 150 and a silver cup will be awarded for Ltd., and £10 and cup for each class win. There will also be a handicap award. Entries have closed. This will be the first big sprint event of the season. At the equivalent meeting last year f.t.d. was made by Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) in 51.7 sec. Admission will cost 7s. 6d., car ,parking 2s. 6d. Practice will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 10th. BO'NESS INTERNATIONAL SPEED HILL-CLIMB—MAY 17th The first International sprint event of 1947 and the first hill-climb counting towards the British Championship will

be held at Bo'ness, Scotland, on May 17th, by the Scottish Sporting Car Club. The sports car classes will be contested in the morning, the racing cars running in the afternoon. Practice takes place on the Friday, from 2-5 p.m. and from 6-9 p.m. The course is half-a-mile longer than last year and 4 ft. wider above the "Snake," while the Paddock is now at the foot of the hill and spectator facilities are vastly improved. SHELSLEY WALSH INTERNATIONAL SPEED HILL-CLIMBJUNE 21st The postponed Shelsley Walsh hillclimb, also counting for the British

Championship, will commence at 2 p.m. on June 21st. £100 and the Shelsley Challenge Trophy will be awarded for f.t.d., £75 for second fastest time, the main prize money totalling 1235, apart from class cash awards. Leslie Wilson has decided to ban sports cars, and Edwardian cars are ruled out by a regula tion calling for four-wheel-brakes. Spectator-appeal. is the order of the day, obviously. The classes are 500 c.c., 501 1,100 c.c., 1,101 c.c., 14 litres, 14-8 litres and over 8 litres. Practice occupies from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 20th. Competitors must bring their own fuel and

oil. At the opening Shelsley Walsh Meeting last year Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) made Ltd. in 42.79 sec. ULSTER TROPHY RACE—AUGUST 9th

The Ulster A.C. will again run the Ulster Trophy Handicap and Scratch Race, on August 9th. Prize money totals £1,000 and the race-distance may be increased and a greater number of entries accepted. The winner of the scratch race will take 2250. Last year " Bira " won the scratch event in his E.R.A. at 78.47 m.p.h. and Hillis (Talbot) headed the handicap contest. B.R.D.C. I.O.M. RACE—AUGUST 21st

Most exciting is the news that the B.R.D.C. will hold a scratch race under the International Formula, in the Isle of Man on August 21st. The course will include the straight section from Onchan Village, past the motorcycle T.T. grandstand, down to St. Ninian's Corner, where it goes right-handed away to Douglas. The lap distance is 34 miles. It is possible that a preliminary race for blown cars up to 1,100 c.c., and unblown cars not exceeding 2 litres capacity may be run off before the main event.