Reports of Recent Events, May 1949

Lagonda Night Trial
Provisional results were: — Winner, J. Barrett (Standard Brake); second, H. Birkett (Austin); third, H. G. Black (Bentley); fourth, J. M. Burn (Riley). Best Lagonda performer, J. D. Benguy (4 1/2 litre).

Maidstone & Mid-Kent Night Trial
This closed event was held on March 19/20th.
Best Performace: —S. J. Keyse (972-c.c. Singer).
Class Cups:—Under 1 1/2 litre open cars: A. G. J. Wicks (1,089-c.c. Riley); over 1 1/2 litre open cars: D. E. Stanley (2,800-c.c. Talbot); under 1 1/2 litre closed cars: B. J. Birch (918-c.c. Morris); over 1 1/2 litre closed cars: G. C. Harvey (3,815-c.c. Humber).

Cemian Motor Club Kent Cup Trial
Best Performance (Kent Cup). — A. E. A. Day (1,500-c.c. H.R.G.).
Best Performance, First Opposite Class (Closed Cars). — F. L. Rourke (1,500-c.c. Singer).
First-Class Awards. — Open Class: J. Selley (1,292-c.c. M.G.); T. W. Oxendale (1,500-c.c. H.R.G.).
Second-Class Awards. — Open Class: D. W. Freeman (1,250-c.c. M.G.); A. G. Rivers (1,608-c.c. Wolseley); E. C. Vriens (1,497-c.c. Lea Francis). Closed Class‘ R. L. Sadler (1,185-c.c. Hillman); R.. A. Rivers (918-c.c. Morris).
Team Award. — P. J. Binns (1,991-c.c. O.M.); A. G. Rivers (1,608-c.c. Wolseley); P. E. Sundt (1,272-c.c. Wolseley).

Kentish Border Car Club Driving Tests
On April 3rd this Club held.a series of driving tests for which an entry of 17 members had been received. The types of cars entered ranged from an Austin Seven to a 4 1/2-litre Bentley. There were six tests in all. The following were the best performers in each test: C. G. Harvey (4 1/4-litre Bentley), A. J. Wicks (Riley Nine Special), D. E. R. Greig (Frazer-Nash), G. Alexander (Triumph Roadster), H. H. Alderton (M.G. Magnette) and J. A. Christie (“J2” M.G.).

The final results were as follows: —
Open Class: Best Performance, G. Alexander (Triumph Roadster); Novice Award, J. A. Christie (MG. “J2 “).
Saloon Class: Best Performance, K. R. W. Shackel (Standard Ten); Novice Award, J. Davis (2-litre A.C.).

West Hants & Dorset Car Club — Hartwell Cup Trial
This trial was held on April:3rd and the course was over 65 miles in Dorset and Devonshire, and included several famous trials hills. Quarry Lane failed Hill (Morris) and Adamson (Austin Seven); Meerhay failed Toulmin (Minx), Miss Millward (Morgan), McAlpine (Bristol), Verney (Alvis), Hill (Morris), Curry (Austin) and Bryant (Standard); Watersmeet failed nine competitors.
Hartwell Cup (best performance): Leslie Onslow Bartlett (Mercury Special).
Opposite Class Cup: George Hartwell (SunbeamTalbot “90”).
First-Class Awards (sports): Colin Dewey (Riley); John Jesty (Allard).
First-Class Awards (saloons): Hon. Faulkner (Ford); Mrs. Georgina Bartlett (Ford).
Second-Class Award (sports): Joe Huxham (Morgan).
Second-Class Award (saloon): Kenneth McAlpine (Bristol).
Fastest in Stop-Go Test: Dewey (Riley), 2 sec.
Fastest in Brake Test: Hartwell (SunbeamTalbot), 6 sec.
Fastest in Acceleration Test: Verner (Alvis), 24.5 sec.
Fastest in Stop and Restart: Bartlett (Mercury), 6.4 sec.
Fastest in Driving Test: Bartlett, 19.4 sec.
Fastest in Stop and Go Test: Bartlett (Mercury), 1.4 sec.
Best Test Aggregate Times: Bartlett, 29 marks; Hartwell, 28 marks.
Twenty cars competed, 11 sports and 9 saloons.

San Remo Grand Prix
The Grand Prix of San Remo was decided, on April 3rd, by running two 188 1/2-mile heats round a 2-mile circuit and totalling the times to decide the final placings. These came out as: 1st, M. Fangio (Maserati), 2nd, “B. Bira” (Maserati), 3rd, de Graffenried (Maserati). Fangio averaged 62.87 m.p.h. and fastest lap was made by “Bira,” at 64.66 m.p.h. The race was especially interesting as Peter Whitehead, brought out his new Grand Prix Ferrari. It came in 6th in the first heat, but retired in the second heat with engine trouble, after about 12 miles. Ashmore’s Maserati experienced trouble during the first heat, while Sommer retired his Ferrari and Chiron crashed his Simca.

Riley M.C. Winter Rally
The Riley MC London Centre held its rally on April 2nd, and received 80 entries.
Victor Riley Challenge Cup for Best Performance (Open Car): J. Saner.
Donald Healey Trophy for Best Performance(Closed Car): A. Farrar.
“Country Life” Challenge Cup for Best Performance on Age Formula: J. V. Lewis (1933).
Porridge Trophy (Novice): C. Pike.
Harold Prippen Challenge Cup (Lady): Mrs. H. J. Ripley.
First-Class Awards: A. Warren, E. Pavitt, J. Searle and W. Oldfleld.
Note: — All cars were Rileys.

M.G. C.C. Chilterns Trial
The 34 competitors in the S.E. Centre’s Trial on April 3rd competed to some degree against the organisers, inasmuch as all who climbed every hill got a first-class award.
C.M.I. Banana Trophy (best M.G. member driving M.G.); A. W. Morrish (939-c.c. M.G.).
M.G. Tomato Trophy (best M.G. Club novice driving M.G.): J. McKie (1,250-c.c. M.G.).
Visitors’ Award: G. L. Hancock (3,669-c.c. Leford Special).
Novice Visitors’ Award: M. R. Lovell (1,498-c.c. Frazer-Nash).
Special Test: Best performance by G. L. Hancock.
First-Class Awards: R. J. Harter (847-c.c. M.G.), E. Boutle (1,250-c.c. M.G.), P. W. C. Griffith (939c.c. M.G.), A. Rumfitt (1,292-c.c. M.G.), K. Scales (1,706-c.c. M.G.), W. Edgar (1,496-c.c. Alvista Special), P. Green (1,577-c.c. Rover), W. F. Mead (3,917-c.c. Allard), R. E. Hughes (1,172-c.c. Austin), H. W. Tucker Peake (1,287-c.c. M.G.), D. F. Aris (847-c.c.M.G.), K. E. Hartridge (1,291-c.c. M.G.), C. W. Yates (1,172-c.c. Austin), S. S. Turner (3,622-c.c. Allard), D. W. Price (3,922-c.c. Price Special), J. H. Appleton (4,000-c.c. Allard), D. P. Baker (1,292-c.c. M.G.), B. H. Brown (3,622c.c. Ford V8 Special), C. D. F. Buckler (1,172-c.c. Buckler), G. W. Best (939-c.c. M.G.), and G. F. Pentony (1,500-c.c. Morris).

Chester M.C. Bentley Trophy Trial
Also run on April 3rd, this trial unfortunately clashed at the last hill with another trial run by another club. Only Clegg, Wadsworth and Bold climbed all the observed sections clean.
Best Performance: J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg Special).
Best in Opposite Class: R. E. Holt (3,622-c.c. V8 Special).
Best Chester Member: G. R. Holt (1,172-c.c. (G.R.H. Special).
Novice Award: G. J. Reece (1,172-c.c. Blakar).
First-Class Award: C. L. Bold (1,080-c.c. Bold Special).
Second Class Award: E. B. Wadsworth (1,172-c.c. Ford Special).
Team Award: The Tacklers — J. Clegg, R. E. Holt and G. R. Holt.

Horsham M.C. Spring Trial
This was a quite tough event, the results of which were:
Best Performance: A. E. A. Day (H.R.G.) 7 1/2 marks lost.
Best in Opposite Class: L. Leston (Jaguar 100) 16 marks lost.
Best Horsham Member: E. J. Spence (F.M.W.) 8 1/2 marks lost.
First-Class Awards: G. P. T. Sykes (Wolseley Hornet) in Class A; and. H. Clayton (Clayton) in Class B.
Second-Class Award.: B. V. E. Lofts (M.G.) – Class A.
Special Award: S. T. Rees (Ford Prefect saloon).

Knockagh Hill-Climb
The second hill-climb organised by the Ulster A.C. on the Knockagh Hill provided some interesting sport on March 26th. The hill, nine-tenths of a mile in length, is part of a well-surfaced public road closed for the occasion, and includes three fast bends. Classes were provided for standard saloons. Fastest time of the day was made by D. H. Kyle (1,087-c.c. M.G. s/c) in 1 min. 2.6 sec., R. H. Graham, driving the same car, clocked 1 min. 3.2 sec., and an excellent climb was made by C. F. C. Lindsay in an unsupercharged 1,098-c.c. Ford in 63 sec. The only “500” entered. W. Lee’s Cooper, was not far behind (64 sec.).

Class 1 (standard closed cars up to 1,300 c.c.), — H. C. Reid (driver J. Taylor) (Austin A40), 1 min. 29.6 sec.
Class 2 (standard closed cars over 1,300 c.c.), — P. H. Kyle (2 1/2-litre Riley), 1 min. 17.8 sec.
Class 3 (standard open cars up to 1,300 c.c.), — W. A. H Tinsley (1,250-c.c. M.G.), 1 min. 16.4 sec.
Class 4 (standard open cars over 1,300 c.c.), D. M. Stanley (3,485-c.c. S.S.), 1 min. 10.2 sec.
Class 5 (all cars other than racing and s/c up to 1,300 c.c.), C. F. C. Lindsay (1,098-c.c. Ford), 1 min. 3 sec.
Class 6 (all cars other than racing and s/c over 1,300 c.c.), C. E. Robb (3,917-c.c. Mercury-Special), 1 min. 5 sec.
Class 7 (all comers). — R. H. Graham (driver D. H. Kyle) (1,087 M.G. s/c), 1 min. 2.6 sec.
Class 8 (handicap). — B. Thomas (1,100-c.c. Riley), net time, 50.4 sec.

Mid-Surrey A.C. Grand Cup Trial
This trial was a combined Mid-Surrey and V.S.C.C. event but the organisation was neither in keeping with the tradition of pre-war Grand Cup Trials nor up to V.S.C.C. standards, being a little too happy-go-lucky for full efficiency. However, the competitors enjoyed themselves and some had several attempts at the more difficult hills. The very dry weather of the preceding fortnight suggested an easy task for the twenty entrants, but the gulleys and gradients of the hills on War Office ground near the start at Bisley took considerable toll. We noted a Frazer-Nash and an Aston-Martin fail through over-gearing and an M.G. Midget fail through lack of power on the first hill, while an adjacent hill which the vintage and non-sports cars had to tackle stopped an early “14/60” Lagonda two-seater but was climbed nicely by a single-cam Alfa-Romeo saloon. In the special test Dwey’s Riley Special tied for best time with Birkett’s four-speed “Chummy” Austin Seven and the final results came out as follows:

Inter-Club Contest: V.S.C.C. [Jane (Lancia), Morrish (Frazer-Nash), Dyer (Riley)] 93 per cent. Mid-Surrey A.C. [Black (M.G.), Uglow (H.R.G.), Lovell (Frazer-Nash) ] 76 per cent.
Sopwith Cup: Uglow (H,R.G.)
Best V.S.C.C. Performance: Dyer (Riley).

Bugatti Owners Club Northern Sporting and Social Half Day
The holding of such an event so far from London was a new departure for the Bugatti Owners Club. Thanks to the kindness of Col. J. Thompson, the beautiful park at Stanley Hall, Bridgnorth, with its mile long drive, were put at the disposal of the club. There were twenty entrants for the afternoon events, comprising a series of interesting driving tests, which were in the main skilfully carried out, though many would have registered higher marks if they had thoroughly digested the instructions. This was followed by an excellent dinner at the Crown Hotel, Bridgnorth, attended by approximately 80 members and friends. The awards were as follows:

Best Performance Irrespective of Class: L. Leonard (M.G.) 18 marks lost.
Best Performance in Class 1: (Saloon cars) R. C. Symondson (Allard) 26 marks lost.
Best Performance in Class 2 (Open cars): G. Tyrer (B.M.W.) 24 marks lost.
Team Prize: P. B. Deece (Riley), L. Leonard (M.G.), G. Tyrer (B.M.W.).
Award to Competitor Travelling from Furthest North: R. T. Haddow (M.G.), Glasgow.

Tunbridge Wells M.C. Brander Trophy Trial
Twenty-four entrants competed over a course never before attempted by cars. Before the war the course was used regularly for motor-cycle trials, but just before the war when the Club turned over entirely to cars the course was thought too difficult.

This year the organisers decided it might after all be possible. Most of the cars showed they could take it and only three of the starters failed to finish.

Worst spot on the course was Entry Hill where a mud track winds through the woods, takes a sharp right-hand bend through a water-splash and goes straight up a quarter of a mile of steep, slippery, twisting slope. So stiff was this test that only five of the 24 cars got up on their own. Most of the others had to be towed up by a Jeep.

R. W. Faulkner in his Mercury was one of the successful ones and completed the difficult course without losing a single point to win the Brander Trophy, chief prize for the trial.

S. Welfare in his Ford-Welfare was handicapped when a big-end ran, but he struggled on and completed the course, losing only six points and being placed second.

A novel final test was that of being required to drive 10 miles at a speed of 10 m.p.h., which was included because the route lay over public roads.
Brander Trophy for Best Performance: R. W. Faulkner (Mercury).
Clubman’s Cup for Best Performance Under 1 1/2-litres: S. Welfare (Ford-Welfare).
Scott Cup for Best Performance Over 1 1/2-Litres: J. H. Appleton (Allard).
Payne Cup for Best Performance by Tunbridge Wells Motor Club Member: G. C. Harvey (Allard).
Team Prize: J. H. Appleton (Allard), F. Morrish (Frazer-Nash) and H. W. Faulkner (Mercury).
Novice Award: T. W. Oxendale (H.R.G.).

Ferrari’s Targa Florio
Ferrari has certainly started the season well. A 2-litre V12 two-seater, driven by Biondetti and Benedetti, won the 33rd 670-mile Targa Florio, at an average speed of 51.29 m.p.h., in spite of much rain. Incidentally, Biondetti won last year’s race in a Ferrari. The race was held round a circuit of Sicily, starting and finishing at Palermo. Roll’s Alfa-Romeo led for a time, but he was held up at a level-crossing, enabling Biondetti to catch and re-pass him. Roll finished second, 1 min. 48.8 sec. behind the Ferrari, with Rosso’s A.M.P. third. A 2-litre Maserati, driven by Musagi, was fourth. De Maria’s F.I.A.T. won the 1,100-c.c. racing class from a Cisitalia and another F.I.A.T. The winners of the touring classes were Marzotto’s Lancia Aprilia, a 1,100-c.c. F.I.A.T. and a 750-c.c. F.I.A.T. The winning Ferrari took 13 hr. 15 min. 9.4 sec.

North-West London M.C. and Southsea M.C. Inter-Team Trial
Held at Longmoor on April 23rd, this event was contested between four clubs – N.W.L.M.C., Bristol L.C. & M.C.C., Southsea M.C. and Harrow C.C. Twelve or more sections had to be attempted, of which one failed the entire entry. Teams of six were accepted from each club, the three best individual performances in a team to count. The winners were the N.W.L.M.C. team, composed of Appleton, Onslow-Bartlett and Burgess. Best performance was made by Onslow-Bartlett.

Vintage S.C.C. Silverstone Speed Trials
An excellent entry was received for the kilometre speed trials on April 23rd, and the Edwardians were well represented. Fastest time was made by Norris’ Alta, in 28.43 sec. The Paddock was, perhaps, more interesting than the racing. Leslie Johnson drove Lycett’s 8-litre Bentley very rapidly and enjoyed it, Milner his beautifully-preserved 1912 22-litre Benz, and Lady Mary Grosvenor the dope-burning, ex-Tye Alta. Stubberfield’s Bugatti appeared with a neat new single-seater body and Raphael’s “38/250” Mercédès-Benz had an S.U. fuel-injection system. Lycett (4 1/2-litre Bentley) and Clutton (Itala) were troubled with different forms of clutch malady. The club’s next event at this venue will be races and a One-Hour High-Speed Trial on July 2nd. The excellence of vintage and Edwardian performances should be noted in the following results:

Vintage Sports Cars up to1,100 c.c.:
1st: L. Gibbs (Riley).. 39.06 sec.
Non-Vintage Sports Cars up to 1,100 c.c.:
1st : L. Woods (M.G.) … 39.20 sec.
2nd: S. E. Barnes (M.G.) … 41.00 sec.
3rd: N. T. Havant (M.G.) … 44.12 sec.
Vintage Sports Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.:
1st: F. Morrish (Frazer-Nash) … 36..00 sec.
2nd: M. S. Geoghegan (Frazer-Nash)… 40.07 sec.
3rd: 3. D. Radford (Anzani-Special)… 41.70 sec.
Non-Vintage Sports Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.:
1st: H. Lester (M.G.) … 36.77 sec.
2nd: G. A. Ruddock (H.R.G.) … 37.62 sec.
3rd: S. G. Higgins (Frazer-Nash) … 38.00 sec.
Non-Vintage Sports Cars, 1,501 to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: R. Way (B.M.W.) … 32.20 sec.
2nd: R. H. Carter (Alvis) … 46.00 sec.
Vintage Sports Cars, 2,001 to 3,000 c.c.:
1st: A. S. Heal (Sunbeam twin o.h.c.) 42.60 sec.
2nd: A. P. Southon (H.E.) … 43.89 sec.
3rd: B. Morgan (Bentley). … 44-08 sec.
Non-Vintage Sports Cars, 2,001 to 5,000 c.c.:
1st: P. Waring (Alvis) … 37.80 sec.
2nd: L. S. Richards (Alvis) … 40.47 sec.
Vintage Sports Cars Over 3,000 c.c: 1st:
W. A. L. Cook (“4 1/2” Bentley) … 35.39 sec.
2nd: C. W. B. Milner (“6 1/2” Bentley) … 36.48 sec.
3rd: G. C. H. Kramer (“4 1/2” Bentley) … 37.20 sec.
Non-Vintage Sports Cars Over 3,000 c.c.:
1st: L. Johnson (8-litre Bentley) … 29.73 sec.
2nd: K. H. Miles (Frazer-Nash) … 33.18 sec.
3rd: P. Whittingham (Ford/Bugatti V8) … 33.48 sec.
Edwardian Cars:
1st: P. C. T. Clark (1914 Mercédès) … 34.53 sec.
2nd: A. S. Heal (1910 F.I.A.T.) … 35.44 sec.
3rd: Dr. Ewen (1908 Itala) 36.80 sec.
Winner on Formula: L. Taylor (1911 Stanley Steamer), time 45.03 sec.
Vintage S/C. Sports Cars up to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: V. J. Hern (Amilcar Six) … 34.98 sec.
2nd: J. M. Ching (Alfa-Romeo) … 37.07 sec.
3rd: Mrs. Bremner (Alfa-Romeo) … 37.40 sec.
Non-Vintage S/C. Sports Cars up to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: R. G. Shattock (Atalanta) … 36.10 sec.
2nd: J. D. Haman (M.G.) … 36.48 sec.
Vintage S/C. Sports Cars Over 2,000 c.c.:
1st: W. G. Smeed (“4 1/2” Bentley) … 34.02 sec.
2nd: G. M. Crozier (Mercédès-Benz) … 36.74 sec.
Non-Vintage S/C. Sports Cars Over 2,000 c.c.:
1st: O. Raphael (Mercédès-Benz) … 84.36 sec.
Racing Cars up to 500 c.c.:
1st: R. M. Dryden (Cooper-Norton) … 32.89 sec.
2nd E. Brandon (Cooper-J.A.P.) … 34.01 sec.
3rd: J. E. Breese (Iota-Zephyr) … 34.30 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars, 501 to 750 c.c.:
1st: J. V. Bowles (Austin) … 37.80 sec.
2nd: L. H. Heyward (Austin) … 40.39 sec.
Non-Vintage Racing Cars, 501 to 750 c.c.:
1st: J. G. Martin (M.G.) 35.20 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars, 751 to 1,100 c.c.
1st: H. A. Richards (Riley) … 34.20 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.:
1st: C. W. Heyward (Norris-Special) 30.79 sec.
2nd: Mrs. Ching (Alfa-Romeo) … 36.63 sec.
Non-Vintage Racing Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.:
1st: Lady Mary Grosvenor (Alta) … 30.63 sec.
2nd: R. W. Shakspeare (Stafford Special) … 36.60 sec.
3rd: Mrs. Holt (H.R.G.) 39.40 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars, 1,501 to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: J. I. Bremner (Alfa-Romeo) … 36.69 sec.
2nd: J. Tulloch (Bugatti) … 39.36 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars, 2,001 to 3,000 c.c.:
1st: P. J. Stubberfield (Bugatti) … 28.80 sec.
Vintage Racing Cars Over 3,000 c.c.:
1st: W. G. Smeed (“4 1/2” Bentley) … 34.02 sec.
2nd: W. A. L. Cook (“4 1/2” Bentley) … 35.39 sec.
3rd: A. S. Heal (1910 F.I.A.T.) … 35.44 sec.
Non-Vintage Racing Cars Over 3,000 c.c.:
1st: E. Lloyd -Jones (Triangle-Skinner Special) … 29.55 sec.
2nd: R.. F. Wright (“4 1/2” Lagonda) … 35.60 sec.
Match Race (Untimed) Between the Four Fastest:
1st: J. B. Norris (2-litre s/c. Alta).
2nd: P. J. Stubberfleld (2.3-litre s/c. Bugatti).
3rd: L. Johnson (8-litre Bentley).
Fastest Time of the Day (only runner in his class): Norris (2-litre s/c. Alta), 28.43 sec.
Fastest Vintage Sports Car: W. G. Smeed’s Bentley (34.02 sec.).
Fastest Vintage Racing Car: C. W. Heyward’s Norris-Special (30.79 sec.).
Fastest Sports Car: L. Johnson in Lycett’s Bentley (29.73 sec.).

The Mille Miglia
This year’s Mille Miglia race was won by Biondetti and Salani (Ferrari) at approximately 87 m.p.h.

Austin Stock-Car Records
The A90 Austin has established new American Class D stock-car records and broken ten unlimited-class American stock-car records at Indianapolis, covering 11,850 miles at an average speed of 70.54 m.p.h. Dunlop. tyres were used and Lucas electrical equipment ensured the success of this arduous venture.

Scottish Sporting Car Club’s Highland 3-Days’ Trial
Best Over 1,500 c.c. – E. T. P. Clarkson (Ford).
Best Under 1,500 c.c. – P. S. Hughes (Exis-Special).
Best-Class Awards. – G. M. Findlay (Ausford), T. H. Legget (Singer), G. S. Hendry (Ford-Special), K. Thorne (Allard) and W, J. Lamb (Ford).
Second-Class Award. – A. Reid (Omega).

Pau Grand Prix
1st: M. Fangio (Maserati), 3 hr. 36 min. 11.9 sec. (52.65 m.p.h.).
2nd: E. de Graffenried (Maserati), 3 hr. 36 min. 28.7 sec.
3rd: B. Campos (Maserati), 3 hr. 36 min. 5.4 sec., for 109 out of 110 laps.
4th: L. Chiron (Talbot), 3 hr. 36 min. 6.1 sec., for 108 laps.
Fastest Lap: Fangio (56.65 m.p.h.)

The Circuit of Ireland Trial
The results were as follows:

Ulster Automobile Club Trophy (best performance over all classes). — C. F. C. Lindsay, Holywood (Ford), 392 marks retained out of 500.
Ladies’ Trophy. — Mrs. J. L. Dowling (Austin), Belfast, 367.8.
Castlereagh Trophy (best visiting driver). — C. Vard (M.G.), Dublin.
Meritorious Performance Award. — J. L. Wilson (Jowett), Bangor.
Team Award. — Mr. W. R.. Chamber’s team (W. R. Chambers, H. L. S. Jefferson, and D. G. Johnston, all in M.G. cars).
Class Awards: Class I. — Open cars, any capacity. — 1st, C. F. C. Lindsay (Ford 8-h.p.), 392; 2nd, W. R. Chambers (M.G. 10-h.p.), Belfast 389.6; 3rd, C. S. Porter (H.R.G. I2-h.p.), KillInchy, 386.8.
Class II — Saloon cars under 1,300-c.c. 1st, W. N. Jones (Singer 10-h.p.), Ballymena, 382.6; 2nd, W. M. D. Montgomery (Austin 10.6-h.p.), Ballymena, 371.2; 3rd, tie between W. B. Michael (Morris 8-11.p.), Belfast, and Mrs. J. L. Dowling (Austin 10.6-h.p.), Belfast, 367.8.
Class III. — Saloon cars over 1,300-c.c. — 1st, J. A. Cutts (Sunbeam Talbot 14-h.p.), Coventry, 377.2; 2nd, R. J. Adams (Sunbeam Talbot 14-h.p.), Lisburn, 373.4; 3rd, H. C. Reid (Austin 16-h.p.), Belfast, 369.8.

Blackburn Welfare M.G. 500-cc. Racing
The British 500-c.c. season started at Brough on April 10th, where four 12-mile races were held, with the following results: —
Scratch Race, Heat 1: 1st, E. Brandon (Cooper), 55.6 m.p.h.; 2nd, S. Coldham (Cooper); 3rd, D. Parker (Parker C.F.S.).
Scratch Race, Heat 2: 1st, W. S. Aston (Cooper), 52.9 m.p.h.; 2nd, W. J. Sykes (Cooper); 3rd, M. C. Kearon (Cooper).
Scratch Race, Final: 1st, F. Brandon (Cooper), 55.0 m.p.h.; 2nd, S. Coldham (Cooper); 3rd, G. Saunders (Cooper). Best lap: Brandon, 56 m.p.h.
Handicap: 1st, D. Parker ( Parker C.F.S.); 2nd, S. Coldham (Cooper): 3rd, Kearon (Cooper).

Plymouth M.C. Avon Trophy Trial
This was a really stiff event.
Best Performance: S. C. Sean.
Runner-Up: G. H. Turnbull.
First-Class Award: W. C. Rodgers.

Bentley D.C. Eastbourne Rally
This enterprising two-day event was held in conjunction with the Eastbourne Corporation and comprised driving tests and a speed hill-climb. The event was open to Aston-Martin, Lancia, Lagonda and Frazer-Nash cars driven by members of the one-make clubs catering for them and also to the Metropolitan Police Driving School. The last invitation is of special significance; the police took their entry very seriously and had no reason to be ashamed of their driving, for after the first day’s tests Inspector Gibbs led by 2 points from Crowther’s Lancia. Unfortunately, the police Jowett Javelin, which we believe was a specially-tuned example, retired with engine trouble in the following day’s hill-climb, Nevertheless, Sgts. Teer and Steele, in 2 1/2-litre Rileys, drove very fast, but it was W. A. L. Cook’s 4 1/2-litre Bentley which carried the day, to the delight of the organising club. It would seem that the police May find such competition driving of value in finding the weak points in police cars and certainly nothing but good should result from their appearance in such contests.
Eastbourne Challenge Trophy: W. A. L. Cook (Bentley), 131 points; 2nd, T. H Stewart (Aston-Martin) and Police-Sgt. Teer (Riley), tie, 122 points; 4th, Police-Sgt. Skeggs (Railton), 119 points; 5th, Police-Sgt. Steele (Riley), 118 points.
Club Best Performances: B.D.C., Cook; Aston-Martin O.C., Stewart; Lagonda C.C., Bengry; Lancia C.C., Crowther; F.-N. C.C., Grieg; Police, Sgt. Teer.

M.G. C.C. Cockshoot Trial
This classic event was successfully run off on April 10th. R. E. Holt clocked best time in both special tests. An interesting car was Phillips’ Fairley with Jowett Javelin engine.
Cockshoot Challenge Cup: R. B. Holt (Ford V8), no marks lost.
Sydney Norris Trophy: C. L. Bold (Bold), no marks lost.
Special Awards M.O.C.C. members (up to 1,500 c.c.). – G. R. Holt (G.R.H.), 4 marks lost.
(Over 1,500 c.c.). — R. G. Rogers (Rojah), 6 marks lost.
Chairman’s Prize (best performance by M.G. car): R. Oakes, 16 marks lost.
First-Class Awards: B. K. Thompson (A.W.S.), G. R. Holt (G.R.H.), and J. Clegg (Clegg), and M. Wilde (Ford-Special, S.).
Team Prize: Norwesters (M.G.C.C.). R. E. Holt, G. R. Holt and C. Corbishley (C.C.S.)

East African M.S.C. Brackenhurst Hill-Climb
The East African Motor Sports Club staged another successful Brackenhurst Hill-climb recently. Results were:

750-c.c. to 1,500-c.c. – 1st : V. Preston (Ford Ten), 1 min. 22.7 sec.; 2nd: C. Hollyoak (Lancia), 1 min. 26,9 sec.; 3rd: A. Button (Austin Seven), 1 min. 27.8 sec.
1,500-c.c. to 2,000-c.c. – 1st: V. Preston (Ford Ten), 1 min. 22.4 sec.; 2nd: J. Norris (Land Rover), 1 min. 32 sec.
Unlimited Class. -1st: V. Preston (Ford Pilot), 1 Min. 15 sec.; 2nd: P. B. Robson (Alvis), 1 min. 16.1 sec.; 3rd,: C. Urquhart (Jaguar), 1 min. 16.4 sec.

V.S.C.C. of New Zealand Foleys 3/10-Mile Sprint
Held on February 13th last with electrical timing, the results were: —

500 to 1,100 c.c. — 1st: Hooper (500-c.c. Hooper-Special) 24.2 sec. 2nd: Sulman (Singer), 24.66 sec. Fastest vintage: Bono (Rover-Special), 26.49 sec.
1,100 to 2,000 c.c. – 1st: Rizzo (Riley-Special), 22.58 sec. 2nd: Pearse (“TB” M.G.), 25.22 sec. Fastest vintage: Broad (Frazer-Nash), 30.11 sec.
2,000 to 3,000 c.c. – 1st: Crouch (Riley), 26.40 sec. 2nd: Nicol (Jaguar 100), 28.22 sec. Fastest vintage: Wright (Lancia), 28.89 sec.
3,000 c.c. and Over. — 1st: Reed (Reed-Special), 22.42 sec. 2nd: Crouch (Ford-Jeep-Special), 23.41 sec. Fastest vintage: Tompsett (Vauxhall “30/98”), 27.98 sec.