The Association of Northern Car Clubs

A report from the Hon. Secretary reads: —

“The eighth meeting of the Association was held in Manchester on March 30th. These meetings have now become a vital part of the Sport in the north and it is good to note that our example is being followed in other parts of the country. At this meeting we said “thank you very much” to George Mangoletai, one of our founders, and to Rod Davies, our first and very efficient Honorary Secretary. We hope they will continue to help us when possible, even though they hand over their responsibilities.

“We had news of progress in the endeavour to draw up standard trials-regulations. It is up to the R.A.C. now. It was decided to continue to strive for more recognition of this Association and its work and, also, for reconsideration by the R.A.C. of its new National Competition licence. It will be up to club representatives to see that the car-clubs’ point of view is put forward clearly and forcefully at the next annual meeting in London.

“The idea of a North v. South Trial has been brought forward by the Lancashire and Cheshire Car Club and a sub-committee is now investigating the matter.