Important Announcement

The Motor Sport Brooklands Fund
The Trustees of the Motor Sport Brooklands Fund have presented to the B.A.R.C. the Brooklands Memorial Challenge Trophy subscribed for by readers who have contributed to this Fund. The Trophy will be awarded this year to the driver making the best aggregate performance in the B.A.R.C. Goodwood Members’ Meetings to be held on May 6th, June 17th and August 12th. It is felt that all those readers who desire to perpetuate the memory of Brooklands Track will prefer the Brooklands memorial to take the form of an annual trophy competed for by B.A.R.C. members in Brooklands-style races. Motor Sport will provide an annual replica of the Trophy and also a cash-prize of £50. The Fund will remain open until the end of June so that those readers wishing to associate themselves with it may send donations—any sum, however small, is welcome and will be used to swell the cash prize aforementioned. Donations should be sent to 15, City Road, E.C.1. Full details will be given next month.
The B.A.R.C. Goodwood meeting on May 6th, which counts towards this Brooklands Memorial Trophy, will embrace ten races and at least 150 starters. There will be five scratch and five handicap sports-car races, starting at 1.30 p.m. Admission is free, but is restricted to B.A.R.C. and M.G. C.C. members and guests. However, those Motor Sport readers who have contributed to the Fund and who wish to gain admission should notify the B.A.R.C., 55, Park Lane, W.1, when the Secretary will do his best to accommodate them. Amongst the entries we notice Ruddock’s H.R.G., Nancy Binns’ Riley, Betty Haig’s H.R.G., Leonard’s Cooper-Vauxhall, Brandon and Fairman with the new Cooper-M.G., the Buckler, McAlpine’s Connaught, Jacobs’ blown M.G., Binns’ “30/98” Vauxhall, Tony Crook’s Frazer-Nash, Sparrowe’s Morgan “4/4,” R. R. C. Walker’s Delahaye, Mortimer’s Healey “Silverstone” and other well-known sports cars.