Stop Press

Entries for the Eight-Clubs’ Silverstone Meeting of races and high-speed trial(s) close on May 20th. There will be special arrangements of grouping in races and payment of “starting money.” Details: B. Inglis, 15, Little Chester Street, S.W.1.
* * *
Grand Prix de l’Europe—MAY 13th
The following have entered as we close for press:—
Alfa-Romeo.—J. M. Fangio, G. Farina, C. Sanesi, R. Parnell.
Ferrari.—L. Villoresi, A. Ascari, R. Sommer, P. N. Whitehead.
Talbot.—P. Etancelin, G. Cabantous, L. Rosier, E. Martin, J. Claes.
Maserati.—L. Chiron, “B. Bira,” E. de Graffenried, D. Hamilton, D. Hampshire, D. Murray, J. G. Fry.
E.R.A.—L. G. Johnson, P. D. C. Walker, F. R. Gerard, T. C. Harrison.
Alta.—J. Kelly, D. Crossley.
* * *
Alvis Register Northern Rally takes plate on May 6th at 3.30 p.m. at Whipping Stones Hotel, three miles south of Knutsford on A.50. Details: E. C. Wilson, 56, Blundell Drive, Birkdale.