Villoresi Victorious at Marseilles

Luigi Villoresi continued his good showing in the Argentine races by winning the 120 mile Marseilles Grand Prix on March 19th. Run in the rain over 80 laps of a circuit round the New Boreley race-course, the race was a battle-royal between the Ferraris of Villoresi, Ascari and Fangio. It was Luigi’s race, however, apart from some duelling, nor could Fangio keep ahead of Ascari. Villoresi, however, won by only 0.6 sec. after driving for 1 hr. 48 min. 15.2 sec., an average speed of 67.10 m.p.h. Moreover, Fangio was only 0.4 sec. behind Ascari at the finish! Gonsalvez retired and Farina had a nasty crash with the 1,300-c.c. O.S.C.A. which will keep him out of an Alfa-Romeo cockpit for some time to come.
Sommer’s Ferrari was 4th, Trintignant’s 1,300-c.c. Simca 5th, Schell’s 1,230-c.c. Simca 6th, Loyer’s 1,440-c.c. Simca 7th, Martin’s 1,200-c.c. Simca 8th, and Simon’s 1½-litre Simca 9th. A good race!