BRANDS HATCH -April 21st




Thom were a nuinlor of crashes during a meeting at which Gerard. driving his ( ‘toper-Norton splendhily, Eric Brandon, Don Parker and .11:m Brown all set a new lap-record of 68.44 m.p.h. Bra:alio. in his Alark V CooperNorton. was again the outstanding lriver. beating Bottoms to the ehanipionship of the meeting. ()ems CHALLENGE RACE. : Ii. Parker (.1.11.8. J.A.P./. 6(i.71 m.p.h. • Intl : .1. E. Brown (Cooper

Norton) • :tni : Brandon (Cooper-Norton). .1UNIoli 11FLANDs HATCH I dIAMPIONs1111L bkt : 1″. It. If erard (cooper-Norton). 65.3.1 n:401. ; 214)1: 11. I. Valiant. (Cooper-Norton) ; ard : Iteattniatt BRANDS HA’rell 1,41 : A. Bottoms (.1.11.8.Norton), 66.05 : 2tal : t’ooper AoperNorton l; 3o1: NV. .1. Whitehouse (l’toper-Nortonk Tux A 19tti. IIANDICAIL ‘1st Bealinialk (Cooper

112.:49 m.p.h.; 2nd : It. I,. Daniell ()4ali .ryson-Norton) ; 3n1: ‘1’, .1. I ‘lark° (lotaT.A.1%). tlIANteloNSittt, of’ MligrING. 1st K, Brandon (Oxmer-Norton). 416.85 : 2nd : A. ItOttonts ani : lirown ‘001)))r