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1have a 1924 Vauxhall ” 14/40 ” which was termed a ” Sports ” coupe although it is very high off the ground and does not look at all ” sports,” but the engine (which has not been touched since I bought the car three years ago) is remarkably quiet at 60 m.p.h. I still run the car on beaded edge tyres, but have replaced the back wheels by size 895 1A135 as tyres for the original site 82.0 by 105 seem particularly difficult to come by.

Although I used the car for about a year shortly after I had had it, to travel backwards and forwards to work at Willesden every day, I have not yet come across any other -Vauxhall of this marque. Speaking with past owners they tell me that the original plastic timing wheels and -sometimes the rear wheels (if wire, mine are not) used to cause trouble, but I have not experienced any trouble of this kind in my old. car, of which I am now very fond indeed. I am, Yours, etc., •

Sutton. B. C. BinaL.

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