T-TYPE M.G. or similar, or drOpheini coutik. Not over 14-11.p. Details, price: 1, Norman Court, Ilampt Oil , Middlesex. ( 4f It7

— SPORTS CAR. Suitable competitions-, yet reasonably economical all-weather road car with accent on performance. Connaught, Alfa, Bugatti or similar.

Immacttlate i tion ham:rat:we. K. Warner. 25, Godfrey Avenue, Middlesex. 14083 SET 5,25 by 21 or 0.00 by 21 also 2-3 5.50 by 19 or (1.00 by 10. state make, price. Box No. , Moron Snowr, 15, City Road, ,411S1) KEEN. IMPOVERISHED ENTHUSIAST needs cheap,

useable vintage, open preferred, miy 14s, ” Font would suit. Screen, Kingsbury, Tarnworth. 11.10.x HYPER LEA-FRANCIS CROWN-WHEEL awl onion, approxilitately 11.t1. Lowe, 31t, Orford Oar dens, Twickenham, Middlesex. Tel : Popesgrove 1465. 14420 RILEY. ” Itrooklatuls,” Gaineekx:1: or ,sitnilat, iii good condition mechanically. Box No. 1054, MOTOR Svostr, 15, City Road, 14.C.1. 1.4422 M.G. MAGNETTE. K TYPE, 1933, tr..nt axle beam urgently requinal. Duplex tie nil!. Dixon, 21, Tonanican Rom]. Hove, 4. :443-1 RILEY 15-LITRE ENGINE, :,:ettrbox, or similar suitable special. DetaiL,, condition. etc. : Cochrane, 68, littiilve Road, Watertnoville. Hants. .1.1314

FOR TALBOT ” 105,” On, a butterfly driving shalt hind petrol tank. Gil’),, 41), Cheyne Walk. S.-NV.3. i-1446 GRAHAM KIRK, of Norwich. Cash buyer sports curs. and racing motOr.cyeles: licathSide Road, Norwich, 14462 SPORTS CAR urgently required. Condition. age, distance and price unimportant. Box Ni,, 1060, moron SpOter, 15, City Road, EC.). 14463 “7— 19:37 ” SQUIRE” SPORTS 2-sealer required by advertiser in U.S.A. where spare partS, are not obtainable ; therefore, condition of Oar must be first clasS. Box No. 1061, Merrox SPORT, 15, City Road, 1/C. I. 14464 ENTHUSIAST URGENTLY REQUIRES gond prewar sports car. 15 21 litres. Offer what con can please Box No. 111$0, :Moron 50,111, 15, Cite Road. E.C.1. 15 I$ FOR 1936 HORGAN “4 4 Mr,

engine), water jacket and I maim invdm.s. 19, South Street, oakhain 14521 ADVERTISER REQUIRES HOMEWORK. Would h.: pleased to purchase dismantled vehicle. Fullest particulars reason for dismantling, •kate what parts now missing, Cherrydale, Woodside Road. Amer slain, Buck,. :4323 MAGNETTE “NA ” BONNET,or oiue i,Ismlitl sikr. ill good condition. stilescreenti. Rider, 47, Caniliridge Road, London, W.411526 – SALOON, 8:12 HP.. 1935 or later. Riley preferred, I ut anything coo-nicked if reasonable, II, The Chase, Romford, Essex. 14531 ROLLS-ROYCE. 20 IL?. Age and condition of 1/0,1 work unimportant ti ell£1S1;;,, mvelvanitntle

Box No 11177, 311,)’ ‘a SOORT, 15. City Road, 1;.C.I.


ALVIS OR TALBOT, 12-14 H.P. Not earlier than 1934. Sound machinery, appearance immaterial. Boddingtoll, ‘217, Gordon R, tad. [4542 TWO YOUNG ENTHUSIASTS tn.,’ ion, old cur. Condition unimportant. Low price is essential. Ashcroft, 21, Allatry Drive, l’infivr. :Middlesex. :4533

1150 FOR SMALL 4-SEATER or Morgan E4. 105, Royst on Road. Maidstone. [4334

M.O. MAGNETTE (N type) instroction Condition immaterial, if complete and legible. II:Moven, 2, Marlborough Road, Exeter. 14471

MG., MODEL Et, CRANKSHAFT mid inatebed rods required urgently. Crankshaft ‘Only would do. Davies, Plas Newton, Chester. [4470 HEALEY ROADSTER ly:tot,,l. 5-cnd full partik Mars. Pao; Ni,. 10113 :Moon Simla, IS, city Road, !44$0 ” PB ” INDUCTION MANIFOLD awl illatolat, in excellent condition. Sole . four ” Ph ” .04 in. pistons with rings and gudgeon-pins ;2,000 miles), £14 114141’ ” PA ” gasket, 75. Foster, 3, Springfield House, Taplow. 4503 ” 12:60 ” ALVIS WANTED. Prvftr 1032 ” TI, ” (or bate 1921 ” TK.” or 2 litre Lagonda) open 4-seater. Prefer specimen car ex really meticulous private owner, or cheap polcntnil relinild. Would consider perfect twill carburetter ” 12,50.” Photo helpful ; every reply answered promptly. Clissold, 21, Wellington Square, Oxford. i_450$

FOR KR TYPE MAGNETTE, crowmwfwel and 52″9, 8-bidt fitting . rear off.side hub, 42. Boyd,, sot too Bas,ett, MArlo-t Ilarborough. 4510 HEALEY ROADSTER WANTED urgently but any good ,p ,t cdr elot,idercd All letters ain,werill

and distance 1,1111We:1i11. l’leiT?e write 122. Studland Ronil. IlnitWeil, London. W,7, (45111 FRONT AXLE BEAM for K type Id G. ‘Magnetek., also Vt2 engine with riect,solies. Emil:made Garage, Reck•ar, Tel. Redear 507. (4516 LATE DROPFIEAD COUPE retplired. 13.M.W., A.stort, Royer or similar.. Box No. RIX:t, Moron Seottr. IS, City Road. It.C.I. 14559 URGENTLY—CROWN and t4iiOti, 11/47, for .Mk. II 51.0. ” 114180.” Good price paid. Gatineau It Hall,

[4562 Wonersit. near Guildford. CL-Niali THRUST RACE for Austin heavy 12A, 1920, Good condition and reasimable price essential. Box No. 1044, 3loT014 SPORT, 15. (.11), Road, ti.C.1. 14380

M.O. ” PB ” 2-seater, Good condition eSitential, Fullest details to : Green, 136, Fairf,x. AvIe4n3u73c. I I MI, E Y

ast orks.

POST-WAR M.G. MIDGET. Aimearance unimportant, proviiled tmeltanically sound. C. W. iavis, oakItill Court, 3.E.23. Tel. : Rodney

2:11/8 play) ; Forest 11111 3382 (night). [4372 10.12-11.P. FOUR-SEATER SPORTS:DROPHEAD.

11037 or Later. M.G. prelet rot. I,ihl,iL 1,323. ot 1937 Austin Seven “itirer in part exchange. 10 Warren GI’, IVe, I liglwr Ileydiatti. I MtIVS. (4363

…. ALVIS FIREFLY CARBURETTER, S.U. type i wanted, also handbook. Ellis, Flat 3, 2)1, Cambridge Road, Farnborough, Hants. (4394 RILEY NINE stilOo» or similar make, not fabric bOdY. tip to 12 h.p. About Write : Melton, 1,4305 NIS, Hammersmith Grove, W.6,

FOR TAROT ” 95.” 11134. wheels, water manifold. Rint for Rotas headlamp. Hayward. Charles. Street, Rugby. 1933 WOLSELEY HORNET sports special camshaft (chain drive, quick-lift), or ‘eompletc head. Barper, 23, St. GOW:1 AVOIlle, Catillif. 1441)3 18 in. BY 600 KNOCK-OFF ‘toffee wheet(s) for 1114.34 British Salmson. I.:intent:ars to : As 011ie, Grantham. 14416 ENTHUSIAST LOW ON FUNDS requires RollsRoyce Si or” 20126″ engine, any condition. 490. Duffield Road, Allestrce, Derby. Tel. : Derby 5i1008. 14088 1938 KG. ” TA ” WANTED. About .4350 paid for good car. 11, Stockhind Road, Erdington, Bir

mingham, 23. [4093 PRSBELECTOR LEVER and linkage Magnette or Riley type. Suitable convert Rapier. Cochrane. 4, ‘Ascetics Lane, Northallerton. Yorks. 14094 ALVIS TWELVE 2-4-seater ” Beetkback ” in reasonable condition. Full details and price. Bodenham, 1CO, C.omberton Hill, Kidderminster,

Worcs. (4000 BUCKET SEATS. Two required In good condition, preferably upholstered in Durdopillo and red leather. Worntald, 25, Dark Drive, North Harrow, aliddlmex. Tel.: Byron 1811 or Pinner 1883. 14102 DOWNDRAUGHT MANIFOLD for Wolseley Hornet 1932/3 suitable 1)3 S.U. carburetter, also Sox branch exhaust. Box No. 1003, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (4104 INERTEn URGENTLY. Third speed pinion on mainshaft, or pair of third speed gears, or complete gearbox, 1933 20-h.p. Rover Meteor, engine and chassis no. 3535. The Hollowtrec Garage, Newport Road, Barnstaple. Tel. : Barnstaple 2176. (4110 SALOON Or coupe up to 16 h.p Maximum price 4100. J. 111cDairmant, 11, Hamilton Crescent, Hounslow, Middlesex. (4112 BODY OF ANY TYPE suitable for M.G. “PA” chassis. Urgent. View and collect anywhere. Box No. 1007, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, PLC.]. (4121 WOLSELEY HORNET SPECIAL ENGINE with clutch and gearbox wanted. Condition unimportant. Baer, 220, Lash Street, Hounslow, Middlesex. [4125 ANY INFORMATION concerning Zoller blower, Type 5. Driver, 24, Sutton Close, Eastcote, Pinner, Middlesex. (4127 AUSTIN SEVEN. Maximum £25. P. R. H. Cox, ” janstan ” Poultry Farm, Stoke Prior, Worcs. (4137 (4188 L-TYPE ISA-GNA GEARBOX complete with clutch and bell housing. Write 22, Alington Grove, Wal lington. [4189 REAR SEAT WINDSCREEN for vintage tourer. Copy MOTOR SPORT July, 1931. Preston, 23, Southway, North Harrow, Middlesex. [4195 NEW OR SECONDHAND CASINGS. Michelin or India covets, 15 by 45, 16 Ire 45. Urgent, Fisher, 12, Canning Street Lane, Edinburgh, 3. [4200 POORIGHT/TEN REAR AXLE, Eight preferred, Girlie% brakes only. State price, condition. 36, Iiillcrest Road, Great Barr, Birmingham. (4205 1937/8 amity KESTREL or Lynx, M.G.” T ” series drophead coup4. Full details, price. Ford, 3. Lampton Court, Lampton Road, Hounslow. [4209 AUSTIN SEVEN CHASSIS. Would consider complete car, any age, condition immaterial. Johnson, ” The Grey House,” Long Itchington, near Rugby. Tel. : Southam 107. 14213 ,..18/80 KR, Er., or 2-litre Lagonda ()Pen 10= wanted. Tresenna, Coppermill Road, Wraysbury, Bucks. (4222 COIL-DISTRIBUTOR UNIT (with or without ciI to replace magneto. 1925 ” Red Label.” Kelly, 18, Park Circus, Glasgow. (422(4

A.C. OR ASTON-MARTIN open 4-seater or foursome drophead. Must be in really excellent condition. About 1933.1937. Enthusiast will give car good home and pay fair price for suitable car. Box No. 1023, MOTOR Sroar, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [4237 DLO. 2-SEATER, 1933-34, ” .12 ” or blown “J4.” Chassis and body must be mechanically sound. Engine condition and paintwork immaterial. All correspondence answered. Particulars and price: Knapp, 3, Church Terrace, Henficld, Sussex. [4239

MEADOWS 4ED ENGINE for” 12/40″ Lea-Francis in good Tanning order, preferably without accessories. Please state price, condition and any overhaul completed or required. Box No. 1024, Moron. SpORT, 16, City Road, E.C.1. [4240 M.G. MIDGET, 1948-50 required, preferably front private owner. Good condition, reasonable price only. Details to Steventon, 81, Elwin Way, Beckenham, Kent. (4167 cavaLLRIT WANTED for liffitre Singer sports, also Singer trailing link Lf.s. complete. Price details, Kemplen, Littlerigg, Seven Hills Road, Cobham, Surrey. (4159

RILEY RADIATOR. Suitable converting 1931 Monaco into low sports ” Brooklands ‘ preferred. Similar considered. Wiseman, 233, Baddow Road. Chelmsford. (4177 TWIN-PORT CYLINDER HEAD for Meadows 4ED engine. J. L. Aspiemd, 50, Greenways, Broomfield Road. Chelmsford. [4178

ALPS FIREFLY/FIREBIRD CHASSIS, open body for Singer Nine, any condition, or parts. 37, North. cote Road, Twickentuun. Tel. : Poptsgrove 5547.

1929/30 RILEY NINE MONACO two frout, one rear windows, front and rear mudguards. Instruction handbooks. Consider purchase of model of a similar vintage, condition immaterial. Lieut. C. A. W. ffaYnor-Smith, R.N.A.$. Anthorn. Carlisle. [4243 “MOTOR SPORT” (or year 1938. Complete, clean. Write : Dr. McGrecry, Ronlcswood Hospital, Worcester. 14245

” TA/TB ” M.G. Perfect condition essential. Fullest details to private buyer. 40, Stanley Avenue

North, Prestwich, Manchester. (4260 YOUNG ENTHUSIAST REQUIRES 8/12-h.p. sports car. Reasonable condition, age immaterial. j150 max. Threeways, Weldon, Corby, Northants. [4251 B.S.A. SCOUT F.W.D. hubs and splined shafts or complete front end. Green, 23, Central Avenue, HucknaU, Notts. ” PB “-TYPE M.G. instruction manual. 25s. for copy in decent condition. Cherry, 58, Ashbourne Grove, Whitefield, Manchester. [4253 ROVER” 8.9 “spares and gen.” 6k” Bentley clutch assembly and flywheel. Offers to : Dale, 142, Chesterton Road, Cambridge. [4259 BENTLEY 3-LITRE, drophead coupé preferred, alternatively saloon. Must be in good condition. Fullest details please. Beard, 180, Dale Road,

Spoudon, Derby. Tel,: Derby 55591. [4344 FIAT 1,100, 1938, saloon body or four doors ; also body suitable for Alvis ” 12/50.” Lewis, Brynview. Penland, near Swansea.

[4318 12-ILP., 4-CYLINDER ENGINE and gearbox, suitable reconditioning. State price. Penniall. 14, Little Norton Lane, Sheffield, 8. [4266

DROPHEAD COUPE. Mavis, Triumph, M.G., Talbot, Riley, etc. Up to 12 lip. About £220. Fit. Lt. llflison, R.A.F., Shawbury, Shropshire. 14289 MARLES-TYPE STEERING-BOX 10r 4}-Iltre Invicta, 1929. Also any other spans and information. Tel. : Hillside 1970, after 7 p.m. Box No. 1050, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (4271 ENTHUSIAST REQUIRES ” TA ” M.G., condition inunaterial, would be prepared to Carry out over. haul. Gilbert, 52, Warden Avenue, Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middx. 1.4275 BUGAM, TYPE 40, chassis, gearbox, radiator, axles and other parts required for rebuild. Interested in anything Bugatti. Details and price please. 34, Barnhill Lane, Hayes, Middlesex. [4279 FAN ASSEMBLY for 4ED Ales-Wows 12-h.p. engine, also back axle and gearbox spares and nidiator cap for 192$ Lea-Frances ” 1-2/50″ model. Posey, 21, Farm Avenue, N.W.2. Tel. : Gladstone 5260. (4287 ENTHUSIAST REQUIRES 214-seater sports or saloon car, mechanically sound. 41304140. Storey, 378, Westborough Road. Westcliff-on-Sca, Essex. 14204 INSTRUCTION BOOK for” 301118 ” H-type Vauxhall and also 1936 Carrington drophead Railton. White away. Feltham Lodge, Feltharn, Middlesex. [4295 FRAZER-NASH 2.scater. Rough one not objected to. Could part exchange 1937 Morris night II desired. Oates, Wycombe Road, Princes Risboro’, Bucks. (4299 PRE-1988 MOTORING ,IOURNALS and books, also cuttings, photos. literature, relating to pre-war Alvises. State details and price. 8$, Miller Road, Bedford. (4801

AUSTIN SEVEN 2-seater sports or special, not over (.100. Johnson, 42, Litchfield Gardens, Willesden, N.W.1.0. Tel. : Willesden 2780, after 7 p.m. (4307 V.D.P. OR SIMILAR 4-seater tourer body for 3-litre ft. 9 in. Bentley chassis. Preferably complete with snits, hood, windscreen, wings, dashboard and scuttle. Particulars and price to Box No. 1061. Shrron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [4310 CLOCKWORK ” P2 ” ALFA-ROMEO model car wanted, urgent. Reid, 201, St. Benedices Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. (4311 FOUR ALM 5-STUD 20-IN. WHEELS and” Beetlehack” body complete with screen. Hope, 117,

Bargates, Christchurch, Hants. [4318 MORGAN THREE-WHEELER WANTED for cash. Pm-war Ford-engined model. No dealers. 82. liolmwood Road, Seven Einga. saex. (4317 1929 OR LATER, 4f litre Bentley, 1)-type gearbox, 4-seater tourer. Engine, bodywork and weather equipment must be in good condition. State price, engine, chassis and registration numbers, and other details. Photo if available. Box No. 1038, MoTOTt

SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [4318 URGENTLY REQUIRED, 4-seatcr open sports body for fitting Chrysler 20-h.p. chassis. ‘lvarthen, 6, Ladbrokc Valk, W.11. Tel. : Park 7187. (4323 FRONT BRAKE ASSEMBLY, with or without axle, for Silver Ghost or early Phantom. Belson, Cuckoo Lane, Great Canfield, Essex. Tel. : Takciey 372. (4337 RILEY NINE. Stanton, Ila, Crescent Rise, Wood Green, London, N.22. (4350 VINTAGE OR POST VINTAGE. Age immaterial. No. 13.F. prices. ” Illandford,” New Salts Farm Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex. Tel. : Shoreham

by-Sea 3618. (4353 ASTON-MARTIN 2-litre short chg.:de, 2/4 seatS, or Lands Aprilia. Must be in good condition. Box No. 1042, Moron Srottr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [4358 WANTED FOR 1934 RILEY NINE Jaeger clock, Riley oil gauge. Can offer new Smiths 12-volt electric clock. Smith, “Lytham,” Libanus Road, Ebbw Vale, Mon. (4365 INF.XPENSIVE VINTAGE TOURER. Good mechanical condition. Low or medium h.p. Catchpole, 51, Kenwyu Drive, N.W.2. Tel. : Gladstone 6015 [4307