Reports of Recent Events, May 1953

S. Jowett C.C. Mystery Run (Mar. 29th)

1st: R. Knight (Javelin);   2nd:  A.S. Bennett (Velox);   3rd:  P.D. Bailey (Morris)


Mid-Cheshire Spring Trial (Mar 29th)

Best Performance:  D. Lilley (Wharton)

Up to 1500 c.c.: B.J. Bodenham (Dellow)


500-C.C. Racing, Brough (April 3rd)

Scratch Race:   Heat 1  —  L. Leston (Cooper-Norton) , 59.94 m.p.h.;   Heat  2  —  A.J. Nurse (Cooper),  58.11 m.p.h.;   Final  —    L. Leston (Cooper-Norton), 60.12 m.p.h

Handicap:  Heat 1  —  P. Cousins (Cooper),  56.7 m.p.h.;   Heat  2  —  R.A.R. Bell (Cooper),  58.4 m.p.h;   Final  —  J. Russell (Cooper),  58.9 m.p.h.


Pembrokeshire M.C. Lydstep Hill-Climb (April 4th)

Sports Cars…

Up to 1,100 non s/c:  W.I. Edwards (Ford Special),  38.93 sec. *;    1,101 – 1,500 c.c.non s/c:   W.I. Edwards (Ford Special),  38.03 sec.;   1,501 – 2,000 c.c.non s/c:  W.P. Rhodes (Rhodes Special),  36.36 sec.;   2,001 – 3,000 c.c. non s/c:  H.J. Hunter (Healey),  37.14 sec.;    Over 3,000 c.c. non s/c:  J. Peatfield (Restfield Special),  39.36 sec.

Production Cars…

Open M.G.s  up to 1,500 c.c.:  M. Lewellyn,  38.81 sec.;   Saloons, Handicap,  O.H.J. Davies (Morris Minor)

Racing Cars…

Up to 500 c.c.:  C.G. Arengo (Arengo 500), 34.82 —  F.T.D.;    501 – 1.100 c.c.:  D.J. Smith (Turner-M.G.), 38.05 sec.

Ladies Award: Mrs. Reece (Morgan Plus Four).

New class record


Highland Three-Day Trial 

Best Performance:  C.W.L Jeffrey (H.R.G.)

Open Cars under 1,500 c.c.: N.T. Lithgow (M.G.) 

Closed  Cars under  1,500 c.c.: W.W. Fulton (Jowett Javelin)

Open cars over 1,500 c.c.: J.M. Cringean (Jaguar)

Closed Cars over 1,500 c.c.:  B. Dickson (Standard Vanguard)

Team Award: Miss Balfour (M.G.), N.T. Lithgow (M.G.), C.R.S. Robertson (Morgan).

Ladies Prize:  Miss Neil (Morgan)


Circuit of Ireland Trial (April 4th/5th)

Best performance:  W.T. Todd (Dellow)

Open Cars, Unlimited:  W.T. Todd (Dellow)

Closed Cars up to 1,100 c.c.:  J.C. Millard (Austin)

Closed Cars, 1,101 – 2,000 c.c.: J.S. Pentland (Citroën)

Closed Cars over 2,000 c.c.:  G.W. Houston (Sunbeam-Talbot)

Novices award:  M.F. Mackie (Lea-Francis)

Team Award, Closed cars: Hillman team

Team Award, Open cars:  M.G. team

Ladies Trophy:  Mrs. Flynn (M.G.)


W. Cornwall M.C. Trengwainton Hill-Climb (April 6th)

Sports cars…

Up to 750 c.c.: D.G. Watts (Wastin),  30.76 sec.  F.T.D.

Up to 1,300 c.c.:  W.A Cleave (Morris),  38.37 sec.

Up to  2,000 c.c.:  G. Crossley-Meates (B.M.W.),  27.56 sec.

Over 2,000 c.c.:  P. Jackson (J2 Allard),  27.16 sec.


P. Jackson (J2 Allard) 26.41 sec. F.T.D.


M.G. C.C. Cockshoot Trial (April 12th)

Best performance:  E. Lister (H.R.G)

Best N.W. Centre Member:  J. O’Hanlon (Renault)

1,000 c.c. Closed and Open Cars: H. Jacoby (Renault)

1,000 – 1,300 c.c. Closed Cars:  J.P. Boardman (Austin A40)

1,000 – 1,300 c.c. Open Cars:  J.P. Bleakley (M.G.)

1,301 – 2,250 c.c.  Closed Cars:   J.C. Wallwork (Standard Vanguard)

1,301 – 2,250 c.c. Open Cars:  H. Harrop  (Morgan)

Over 2,250 c.c. Open Cars:  I. F. Handforth (Jaguar)