Regular readers of Motor Sport will know that the Editor is an enthusiastic collector of motor-car models. This field has been extended recently by some new Meccano “Dinky” models, which include a Studebaker “Land Cruiser” saloon and a very attractive and beautifully finished XK120 Jaguar coupé. The latter, in particular, will appeal to our readers. We understand that many new additions to the range will shortly be forthcoming. Smaller, but quite detailed, realistic and well-finished replicas are made by Bradshaw Model Products Ltd., 40, Waterloo Street, Hove 2, Sussex. At present these cover Austin A30, 1 1/2-litre Riley, Morris Six and Morris Minor saloons, and further replicas, all to the correct gauge for use with “00” model railway scenery, of Jaguar, Ford Anglia, Prefect, Consul and Zephyr are in hand. These miniatures are priced at 2s. each, inclusive of purchase tax, and large numbers are being exported. Trade inquiries are welcome.

Apart from being fascinating to collect, car miniatures could be adapted as novel mascots for bonnet or instrument panel, etc. — W. B.