B.A.R.C. Brunton Speed Hill-Climb (April 3rd)

From a vintage-type start between farm outhouses a large and mixed entry seemed to enjoy a damp afternoon’s hill-climbing; f.t.d. was closely contested, but J.M. Burn on the second of his active and effective climbs in his Le Mans Replica Frazer-Nash gained this award. Among the five cars within a second of Burn’s time were two Allards tieing for fastest time in the largest capacity class. In his tie-deciding third run Farquharson was the faster of these two getting to within two-hundredths of a second of f.t.d. Standbridge in an A.C. Ace complicated his second run by motoring up and down the banks losing a few seconds, and his visor. Mrs. Leavens was fastest lady and second fastest of seven TR2s entered. but none of them was as fast as Wadham’s Doretti. which ran complete with luggage grid and stone-guards. Meanwhile, the public were having an unofficial All Comers Trial in the car park, with modern cars slipping and sliding like sediment to the lowest level of the field.