Club News, May 1956



Cambridge 50 C.C.

Following the postponement of the Speed Trial which was to have been held on April 8th is the May Rally, involving 200 miles of motoring. This is to be held on May 13th. Regulations from R. P. Bowyer, 141, Cherryhinton Road, Cambridge.

Bentley D.C./V.S.C.C.

On the night of May 5/6th the above clubs will be holding a night navigation rally. Details from J. R. Fletcher, “Lavita,” 7, Church Hill, Pinhoe, near Exeter, Devon.

Mid-Surrey A.C. Grand Cup Trial (Mar.25th)

Winner of Grand Cup: A. F. Erskine (Ford Special).

Runner-up: P. Major (Frazer-Nash).

1st (Class C): W. W. Wood (Vanguard).

1st (Class D): K. W. Monk (Sunbeam-Talbot).

Best Novice: A. Sandy. (M.G.).

The next meeting of this club will be the Speed Trial at Brands Hatch on the 13th of this month.

Forces M.C.

On May 27th this club will run their Spring Cup Rally, starting from the Aerodrome Hotel, Purley Way, Croydon, at 10.30 a.m. The course will be 150 miles long with accent on navigation. Details from A. V. Matthison, 93, Fairlands Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey.

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C.

Night Navigation Event (Mar. 17th)

1st: Dr. L. A. Storer, 828 marks lost.

2nd: D. Davison, 845 marks lost.

3rd: L. B. Ranyard. 852 marks lost.

4th: J. H. E. Fox. 901 marks lost.

Shann Standard Car Trial (April 1st)


1st: P. N. Townend (1934 Austin Seven), gained 51 marks.

2nd: K. Scales, gained 46 marks.


1st: A. D. Alldred, gained 45 marks.

2nd: Dr. D. M. Pilkington, gained 33 marks.

Abertillery & Dist. M.C.

This newly re-formed club held its first event, a Treasure Hunt, on March 25th, with an entry of 32.

First Prize: H. Hall (who lost only a  ¼  min. on time).

Ladies Prize: Miss A. Dawe.

Learners’ Prize: W. Rogers.

Next event is a Road Safety and Courtesy Rally on May 13th.

The Isle of Wight C.C.

The 5th Isle of Wight Car Club’s Annual Closed Invitation Rally and Concours d’Elegance will take place this year from Friday, May 4th, to Sunday, May 6th.

The start will take place in the afternoon of May 4th, the first car leaving at 3.31 p.m. from Esso House, Abingdon. The route of 480 miles will take competitors into Wales for the night map-reading sections and from there back to the Isle of Wight for the regularity and manoeuvrability tests and rally dance and prize-giving.

Regulations are obtainable from the Rally Secretary, Mrs. I. Wooldridge, Delamare Hotel, Sandown. I.W.

Public Schools M.C.

On March 23rd the Public Schools M.C. held a film show of the latest Castrol and Esso motor-racing films and some interesting cartoons. This meeting of the club took place at Brown’s Hotel, Dover Street, London. The secretary of the club is M. F. Ellis, 90, Sandford Road, Bromley, Kent.

Mid-Thames C.C. 

The Mid-Thames C.C. and the Malden & Dist. M.C. are joining forces on May 6th to present a Sprint Meeting at Brands Hatch Circuit. Classes will cover all types of family and sports cars.

Full details available from the Secretary of the Meeting, R. W. Avey, 5, Cardinal Avenue, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.

North Staffs M.C.

The National Open date previously fixed for Oulton on April 28th has been postponed until June 9th (Saturday).

Public Schools M.C.

The Public Schools M.C. and Incorporated Auctioneers C.C. will hold their Fifth Annual Gymkhana, at Chipping Ongar, Essex, on Sunday, May 6th. Details of membership and events from J. Blunsden, Secretary, 48, Glebe Way, West Wickham, Kent.

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C.

The Hopper Night Navigation Rally was held on April 7th. The route was of 150 miles in the Kent area and was divided into five sections. Very difficult but well thought out problems comprised two-thirds of the rally, the remainder consisted of a six and eight-figure map-reading loop over tortuous North Downs country roads against a fairly close time schedule.

There were 94 entries, an increase of 21 over last year; seven non-finishers,

The Harold Fletcher Challenge Trophy and Replica: A. Firmin (TR2).

Navigators’ Trophy (Rootes Rally Challenge Trophy): S. Fletcher.

The Wilfred Pocock Challenge Trophy and Replica (second best performance): S. Hitch (Jowett Javelin).

Navigators’ Trophy: L. Wilson.

Trophy (third best performance): G. K. Farmer (Ford).

Navigators’ Trophy: N. Farmer.

750 M.C. (Southern Centre)

On May 16th Mr. R. Du Cane will be giving an illustrated talk to members of this centre at the Bell Inn, Brook, near Cadnam, Hants. Subjects: Ibsley, 1954, and Farnborough, 1955.

North Midland M.C.

At the recent annual general meeting, Mr. E. C. Hamlyn was elected Chairman, and the new Hon. Secretary is Mr. D. J. J. Carter, “Snaithfield,” Millhouses Lane, Sheffield 11.

Caernarvonshire & Anglesey M.C.

Supplementary regulations are now available for the Caernarvonshire & Anglesey M.C.’s restricted Palferman Rally on May 12/13th — 200 miles on the Isle of Anglesey, starting from Bangor at midnight on May 12th. Entries close May 5th. Regulations from A. McDermid, “Colwyn,” Lon y Bryn, Bangor, Caernarvonshire (Tel.: 988).

Romford Enthusiasts’ C.C.

A large crowd, including an observer from the R.A.C. saw 36 cars from the Romford Enthusiasts’ C.C. compete in the club’s Spring Driving Tests at Stapleford Aerodrome, Abridge, on Sunday, April 8th. Competitors attempted five tests and the aggregate time in three runs counted towards the final positions.

General Classification:

1st: I. Murchison (Dellow), 122.1 points lost.

2nd: J. Templeton (Dellow). 123.3 points lost.

3rd: M. Cavenagh (M.G.-Ford), 126.3 points lost.

4th: C. Singleton (M.G. TC), 130.7 points lost.



We have now had the opportunity of examining the miniatures of well-known F.II and Grand Prix cars made by the Crescent Toy Co. Ltd., of Cwmcarn, Monmouthshire. These comprise metal replicas of F. II Cooper-Bristol, G.P. Gordini, G.P. Ferrari, F. II Connaught, Mk. II V16 B.R.M., and streamlined W196 G.P. Mercedes-Benz. The largest of these is the Mercedes-Benz, which is 4¼ in. long, 1 ⅝ in. wide, and which weighs 4 oz. The others are rather smaller. Each is finished in the correct colour, carries a racing number and has a white-helmeted driver. Plenty of detail is depicted and wire wheels are represented, shod with rubber tyres, but the exhaust pipes are part of the body pressings and painted, while the steering wheels are unrealistic solid discs — scope here for “touching up” by keen modellers. Otherwise these Crescent racing-car miniatures are a welcome addition to the growing ranks of realistic, brightly-coloured and well-finished motor-car miniatures with which keen followers of the Sport can decorate office and home. The Crescent Mercedes-Benz retails at 3s. 6d., the other Crescent replicas cost 2s. 9d. each.