Enthusiasts' Directory: No. 9-Clothing


The advent of spring brings a changed outlook to motoring. Summer days are before us and country lanes, open cars and other delights are still to be found. To turn our thoughts towards clothing at a time when its usefulness is lessened may seem a little remiss, but in fact a wider variety of motoring apparel presents itself in summer than in winter. Such articles as cloth caps, racing overalls, crash hats and goggles are as much a part of the summer scene as sunglasses and deck-chairs.

The suppliers and manufacturers of clothing for motorists are limited but the goods exhibited by these firms represent a very comprehensive range of all that might reasonably be required by the users of all types of cars. In particular, an exceptional choice of the new type of string or open-back gloves is available; racing overalls of different types and in most colours are easily found and also a selection of crash hats with large detachable visors. For the open-air motorist there is a close-fitting cap similar in style to the flying helmet, and for those who are M.G.-mounted a complete range of dress accessories is available. -- I.G.

Dent Allcroft & Co. Ltd.

Driving gloves are of use in all seasons and an excellent pair can be supplied by the above firm. These have hogskin palms with a crochet back and are sewn with Terylene thread.

Suppliers: Dent Allcroft & Co. Ltd., 18-19, Stratford Place, Oxford Street, London, W.1.

Robert Hirst

Designed for colder weather is the Robert Hirst Roadmaster Coat. This is a universal outdoor garment in the Continental style. It has a zipped quilted inside front with a fleece lining and elastic belt at the back. Retail price £7.

Suppliers: Robert Hirst, Hannerlain House, Harrogate, Yorks.

Herbert Johnson Ltd.

A long-established firm of clothing specialists, Messrs. Herbert Johnson supply most kinds of motoring wear. Examples are: crash hats £5 15s., with visor £3 3s. extra, leather cover for perspex 30s.; sprayed any colour, 15s. extra. Gloves vary from 30s. to 50s. for all types. Overalls in one piece, shower-proofed or fire-proofed, in cotton, £8 15s.; or a two-piece at 10 guineas. Wind caps, close-fitting type, are 52s. 9d. in all colours, and are available in nylon for ladies at the same price. "Gannex" duffle coats of superior design are priced at £9 and £10.

Suppliers: Herbert Johnson Ltd., 38, New Bond Street, London, W.1.


Famous for many years for the production of soft caps and berets, Kangol have recently introduced another safety helmet of glass fibre and reinforced plastic which retails at 47s. 6d. The range of caps continues. These can he had in 21 different colours and retail at 12s. 6d. each and are excellent for the open car, golf or leisure wear; the material used is wool and a stitched peak and interior leather band add the finishing touches. In addition to this a full range of Anglobasque berets in 45 different colours is available and these are priced at 7s. 6d. each.

Suppliers: Kangol, 39, Fitzroy Square, London, W.1.

D. Lewis Ltd.

Primarily concerned with motor-cycle clothing, thus firm supplies a selection of driving gloves, notably an open-back Italian pattern at 22s. 6d.  Alternative string-back types retail at 18s. 6d. Overalls in cotton at £4 10s. and racing helmets at £4 I9s. 6d., with visors at 47s. 6d.

Suppliers: D. Lewis Ltd., Great Portland Street, London. W.1.

London Rubber Co. Ltd.

A most useful commodity when doing roadside repairs or other general cleaning of motor cars is a pair of rubber gloves. Available from the above firm for 4s. 1½d. are the latest type with harder wearing fingers, they are more easily taken off than the other varieties owing to the satinised interior finish.

Suppliers: The London Rubber Co. Ltd., Hall Lane, Chingford, E.4.


Here can be found numerous articles for the M.G. enthusiast. Examples are blazer badges at 21s., ties 12s. 6d., ear-rings 8s. 6d. pair, cuff-links 9s. pair, and blazer buttons in gilt or chrome at 9s. 6d. a set. The ties are made of non-crease material in maroon, green or navy, with a multitude of small M.G. motifs thereon, the cuff-links and earrings are finished in gold or silver plate, as are the tie-clips which are also available at 6s. 6d. each. Truly a worthwhile selection if M.G.s are in the blood.

Suppliers: Jackson's M.G. Accessories, 14, Friern Barnet Road, London, N.11.

S. Lewis

Well known amongst prominent racing drivers for many years, the above firm has a reputation for supplying most types of motoring clothing at very reasonable prices. Articles chosen at random included a pair of goggles, for which alternative tinted lenses can be supplied, price 12s. 6d. Crash hats are available for 43s. and up to 70s. 6d. with visors. A complete range of gloves from the net-back type at 19s. 6d. to gauntlets at 67s. 6d. can be found. A particularly fine pair of racing gloves with leather palms and chamois backs retails at 17s. 6d. A full range of winter coats may be seen and also a recently introduced series af racing overalls which will retail at about £7.

Suppliers: S. Lewis, 27, Carburton Street, London, W.1.