Glacier centrifugal oil filter

An ingenious oil filter by Glacier

The Glacier Metal Co. Ltd.,  368, Ealing Road, Alperton, Wembley, Middlesex, have a very ingenious centrifugal engine oil-filter which functions on the same principle as the water spray on the lawn.

This filter dispenses with a mechanical drive, it can be placed anywhere desired where a small-diameter pipe will reach, it provides a constant centrifugal cleansing effect irrespective of changes in engine speed (the cleansing time is 1,500 times higher than you experience during emergency braking, 150 times more than the maximum a fighter pilot is capable of sustaining and, if the filter could accommodate a man, his weight would become equal to that of a fully-laden Boeing 707 aeroplane !), the filter lasts at least as long as the engine, and as there are no elements requiring renewal first cost is the last cost with this Glacier filter.

Those engineers and enthusiasts who are interested can obtain technical details, including two interesting publications which give a history of oil-filtration in private cars (it is significant that modern Citroën, Renault and VW cars employ nothing but coarse filters, and the last-named manufacturer has actual records to prove that a large proportion of the 2.65 million cars made since the war have run over 60,000 miles without engine overhaul), and describe the Glacier filter very clearly, by writing to Wembley, mentioning Motor Sport.  Incidentally, over 73 per cent. of all Soviet farm tractors employ two-stage oil filters, of which the second elements are British Glacier centrifugal filters.