I read in your January issue that yet another ” white elephant,” in the shape of a Siddeley Special, -was in use, and thought that you might like to hear of my ” white elephant,” which is e drophead coupe type 540K Mercedes-Benz, which is in fairly regular use.

Over the years we have added an extra fog lamp and radio, and, apart front a respray; it is just as it left Stuttgart 22 years ago. The interior finish is hardly marked, and in spite of its size and weight -21 tons–is Much easier to drive than many modern cars. Its performance is nearly as good as when you road-tested it in 1937, giving a top speed of 106 m.p.h., with the aid of the supercharger.

Such cars as this have added charm because of their excellent roadholding, seats which are really comfortable, and the general high standard of the coachwork. I can put the hood up or down single handed in two minutes, which owners of modern two-seaters often cannot do !

I am, Yours, etc..

Halifax. REGINALD W. POTTS. • • •

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