Oulton Park debut for E-Types

Graham Hill and Roy Salvadori sent the new 13-type Jaguars off to a good racing start by taking the first and third places in the Oulton Park Trophy for G.T. cars on April 16th. Practice times for both cars (which had, incidentally, come virtually straight from Coventry) indicated that only Innes Ireland in a DB4 G.T. Aston Martin had any chance of holding them. The Ferraris of Graham Whitehead and Jack Sears were both outpaced in the race as well as during the practice periods.

Formula Junior honours went to Trevor Taylor (Lotus-Ford), with John Love (Cooper-B.M.C.) second. A strong challenge by Peter Arundell (Lotus-Ford) ended when his car spun at Lodge corner during the first lap of the final.

Results :

F.J. RACE Final—15 laps

1st : T. P. Taylor (Lotus-Ford) . .                                                                                . . 28 min. 47.8 sec.-86.29 m.p.h.

2nd : J. Love (Cooper-B.M.C.)

3rd : W. F. Moss (Lotus-Ford)

Fastest lap : Taylor, 1 min. 51.8 sec.-88.91 m.p.h.

OULTON PARK TROPHY RACE—G.T. Cars-25 laps-69 miles

1st : G. Hill (Jaguar E-type). .                                                                                      . . 49 min. 46.0 sec.-83.22 m.p.h.

2nd : I. Ireland (Aston Martin DB4 G.T.)

3rd : R. Salvadori (Jaguar E-type)

Fastest lap : Hill and Salvadori, 1 min. 58.2 sec.-84.09 m.p.h.


1st : H. C. Taylor (Lotus Nineteen Climax)..                                                             . . 38 min. 29.2 sec.-86.08 m.p.h.

2nd: G. Hill (Lotus Nineteen Climax)

Fastest lap : Hill, 1 min. 49.8 sec.-90.52 m.p.h.