L.M.B. Move

Leslie Ballamy has been converting beam axle cars to i.f.s. since 1933, starting with the Austin Seven and progressing through many other cars, including the Ford Pilot, one of which he converted for Dick Seaman, and latterly for the ubiquitous Ford Popular, many of which have been converted to the L.M.B. divided axle system. The works Ford Popular has also shown many more modern cars the way round the circuits and how to climb Prescott. Last month the L.M.B. organisation moved into a spacious new factory at Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford, where conversion work of all types will be carried out, especially on Ford cars.

A relatively new venture is the production of the L.M.B. chassis which is being mated to the Debonair glass-fibre body to form what Leslie Ballamy considers to be the enthusiast's ideal— a good-looking body on a sensible chassis which will give good road-holding combined with maximum comfort. A road impressions test of the L.M.B. Debonair will appear in a future issue.