weather beaten



weather BEATEN

Enjoy a new freedom with the Volkswagen. Freedom from garaging, from worry over weather deterioration. Freedom to leave your car wherever you like, whatever the weather.

Every VW has three coats of baked enamel—–a lasting lustrous allweather finishthat seals and protects your investment. No wonder owners say “a Volkswagen is its own garage”.

Your VW is designed to be left out, all night, in all weathers, and to give you an instant get away under any conditions. The engine is air cooled— there’s nothing to freeze.

Fifteen years of continuous improvement make today’s VW the most highly developed light car on the road.

All independent suspension, synchromesh on all four forward gears, built-in heater, demisters, windscreen washers they’re all part of the Volkswagen.

In addition, you’ll enjoy an immediate spare parts service, with factory trained mechanics in all parts of the country, and the highest resale value in the world. Ask any one of the 5 million owners.