Bruxelles G.P. Lombank Trophy, Snetterton W.E.C.C. Debden Sprint B.A.R.C. OuIton Park

IN THE SECOND HEAT of the Bruxelles Grand Prix Willy Mairesse (Ferrari V6) tried hard to keep on the tail of Moss (Lotus-Climax V.9) and is seen in a full slide, heading apparently for the curbstone behind the tail of the Lotus. Eventually he ” lost it ” a bit further round the circuit, but he need not have tried so hard as the V8 Coventry-Climax blew up shortly afterwards, while the Ferrari did not miss a beat.

IN HEAT of the Bruxelles GP. john Surtees did a fine job wh the BowmakerYeoman Lola -Climax keeping close company with Marsh in his V8


AFTER SPINNING off in Had 2 of the Bruxelles G.P. Willy Mairesse soon caught hp those who had passed him. and is seen about to take Ireland’s U.D.T.-Laystall Lotus-Climax, while Bonnier (Porsche) prepares to take th.e next


BY DETERMINED DRIVING in an outclassed car Innes Ireland finished an overall third at Bruxelles and is here seen passing through the ” built-up” Section of

the Heysel circuit.

sALVADORI was in terrific form at Bruxelles and is here-seen leading Bonnier in the Scuderia Venezia Porsche. For one glorious moment in Heat 2 Salvadori actually led the race but then his Climax engine

blew up.

‘CHUTES OUT.—Sydney Allard ends the last o three courageous runs over the s.s. at Debden h his Allard ” sling-shot.” His best run, in 10.48 sec. is the fastest ever British standing-start 1-mile time

MICHAEL PARKES in the red 250GT Ferrari of Equipe EndeavourlMarattello Concessionaires . showed ext ellent form in the 25-lap Trophy Race for 0.T. cars at Oulton Park. He stormed into the lead before Old

Hall Corner on lap one—and stayed there.

FASTEST TIME OF THE DAY .—Tony Marsh’s B.R.M. sprint car getting away at Debden to record f.Ld. in 18.33 sec. for a S.S.

MORRIS FORDAUSTIN FORD.—John Love (Cooper-Morris) leads Peter Artoidell (Lotus-Ford), the eventual winner, through the Cascades at Oulton Park. Following close behind are Tony Maggs (CooperAustin) and Frank Gardner in Jack Brabham’s new


FIRST man to score a Formula One Win with the ti-litre CoventryClimax V8 was _Jim Clark, here seen leading the Lombank Trophy race at Snetterwn on April 14th. The high Vanwall-type tail covering the centrallymounted Weber carburetters can be discerned in this view. A report appears_ on page


DRIFTING through Riches Corner is the V8engined B.R.M. of

Graham which finished second, almost alap behind Clark. The length of the exhaust pipes can be clearly seen.

1/8s IN CONVOY .— Stirling Moss’ V.D.T.Laystall Lotus leads Graham Hill’s B,R.M. and .7Onmy Clark’s works 1,0114. After taking the lead Moss was dogged with throttle linkage trouble which dropped him to seventh


JUNIOR line up. John &wring’s Lotus, which finished second in the Formula ,Itutior race preceding the Lombank Trophy, leads Artwood’s A I.R.P.-Cooper, John Love’s Cooper and Dennis Taylor’s Lola into the Ewes. Attwood CVC ntually spun at the Hairpin, thus dropping out of the hotly contested second-place