B.P. maps and touring service

B.P. have issued a Road Atlas of Great Britain prepared for them by George Philip and Son Ltd., which in 72 clear pages provides maps of the British Isles to a scale of 1 in. = 5 miles, with race circuits indicated thereon, and concluding with maps showing the approach roads to London, to a scale of 3/4in. = 1 mile. B.P. are continuing their popular wallets of European Planning Kits as part of their well-known Touring Service. In the wallets of these kits are a useful booklet containing information on planning a Continental holiday, a road map of Western Europe, a conversation guide in eleven languages, a conversion disc for dealing quickly in English terms with litres, kilograms and kilometres, a free personal accident insurance, request form for French petrol coupons, etc. The kit costs 5s. from any B.P. Service Station, while B.P. have extended their Tourist Information Centres to include 18 in Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, the two centres in Greece opening on June 1st, the remainder on July 1st. Anyone requiring help over holiday motoring is invited to apply to the Touring Service Department, Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd., Shell-Mex House, Strand, London, W.C.2, mentioning Motor Sport.—W. B.