West Essex C.C. Sprint - Debden Airfield (March 31st)

A standing-start half-mile sprint was organised for all types of Touring Cars, Sports Cars and Racing Cars, of which F.T.D. went to Ken Baker (Jaguar E-type) with 20.94 sec. This very hot E-type, with triple Weber carburetters, D-type head and fibreglass engine cowling also ran in a special free-for-all class over a standing quarter-mile, and nearly pulled this off as well, his best time being 13.48 sec. However, Mike Eyre in his Cooper with 3 1/2-litre Buick V8 alloy engine clocked 13.21 sec., to make F.T.D. on the 1/4-mile until some sprint motorcycles gave a demonstration and George Brown (Vincent 1,000 c.c.) clocked 11.13 sec., Ernie Woods (Norton-JAP 1,000) 12.20 sec. and Ian Ashwell (Vincent 1000) 12.28 sec.

Among the interesting cars taking part were A. E. Marsh’s new Marsh Special, with supercharged 1 1/2-litre Coventry-Climax 4-cylinder engine in a special frame of his own construction, Patsy Burt with her 2-litre Cooper-Climax, a B-type Connaught and a very fast Lister-Jaguar. Altogether a pleasant and well-run meeting, with everyone getting at least three runs.—D. S. J.