Montagu Motor Museum Fixtures

Readers who are railway as well as car enthusiasts will be delighted to find a full-size railway exhibit, in the form of the 3-cylinder 4-4-0 locomotive “Stowe School” and three Pullman coaches dating from 1924-29, on a piece of permanent-way above the new car park, when they visit Beaulieu for any of the following fixtures:—

May 17th .. Tractor Engine Rally.

May 18th .. Tractor Engine Rally.

June 7th .. Federation of National and One-Make Motor Cycle Club Rally

June 14th .. A.C. M.C. Rally.

June 20th .. Morris Eight Rally.

June 28th .. Italian Rally.

July 5th .. V.S.C.C. Rally./750 M.C. Rally.

July 12th .. Citroën C.C. Rally.

July 18th .. International Lambretta Rally.

July 19th .. International Lambretta Rally.

Aug. 30th .. Graham Walker Memorial Rally.

Sept. 20th .. “Lost Causes” Rally.

Sept. 27th .. M.G. Triple-M Register Rally.