Quotes from the road-test reports

Rover 60: “…a surprisingly brisk car. although it is only when one comes to check its abilities against a stop watch that its true liveliness is appreciated; on first acquaintance, its sweetness and, above all, its silence are apt to delude a driver into doing it less than justice.”

Rover 90: “…the Rover 90 is a model which shows a thoughtful approach to the needs of experienced drivers, a degree of quality and finish which is far above average and a performance which is as unobtrusive as it is satisfying to the man whose needs vary from town usage to fast main-road motoring.”

Rover 105S: “In short, the Rover 105S follows closely the Rover tradition for quality, refinement and finish, with the added degree of performance which brings it almost into the 100 m.p.h. class.”

Rover 105R de luxe: “The Rover 105R stands as the senior member of an impressive range of fine motor cars and as such is most likely to appeal to senior men and women anxious to obtain transportation which combines speed, safety and reliability amidst the dignified accoutrements of first-class British engineering.”

Rover 80: “Whilst the traditional Rover virtues have always been maintained, recent modifications to chassis components of a relatively minor nature have produced surprising changes in the general character of the car which will certainly increase its appeal to the faster driver who values good handling and steering. The Rover 80 is a versatile car capable of satisfying the widely different tastes of different members of a family and as enjoyable for shopping or leisurely sight-seeing as it is for serious long-distance driving at high speeds.”

Rover 100: “In the case of Rover buyers, quality stands high on their list; but it is not the sole factor. In the products of Solihull, many business, professional and family men also find traditional appearance and amenities blended with up-to-date mechanical features in a combination which causes them to turn again and again to the marque Rover when they want a new car in the medium-powered range. Altogether this Rover 100 is a car which, by reason of its good performance, good standard of fuel economy, and, above all, its beautiful engineering and finish, will undoubtedly continue to appeal to those who want a medium-powered car of above average quality.”

Rover 110: “The Rover 110 is unlikely to appeal to the sporting driver but it certainly remains a very safe car, even when driven fast. It will be valued for its fine trim; it runs quietly, and is well engineered, although not slavishly fashionable. It is a refined, unostentatious saloon with excellent manners and obviously comes from a good family.”