New Castrol GTX Motor Oil

Castrol, following the sales success of their “liquid tungsten” range of motor oils, have recently gone one step further, and have adopted a new name among their range of oils for the first time in 30 years. This is Castrol GTX, an entirely new multi-grade lubricant of 20W/50 viscosity. This has been formulated to give what is at the moment optimum performance in terms of consumption control and wear protection.

Among the qualities claimed for the oil are easier starting from cold, arrest of cylinder bore corrosion when the engine is idle and less risk of engine damage since oil pressure is maintained at a higher level than hitherto, and sludge is actively dispersed.

Interesting statistics concerning the new oil include viscosity ratings of 18 at 210º F. and 139 at 100º F., but Castrol seem to attach particular importance to its high sludge dispersancy and improved protection against varnish deposits achieved by improved detergency. So don’t expect Castro’ GTX to stay clean for long, but Castrol do have a reputation for producing high quality lubricants. Price is 3s. 6d. per pint.