Functional clothing

We have equipped the photographic members of our staff, who seem to spend more time out in the cold than their editorial colleagues, with weather-proof clothing from Functional of Manchester.

Functional, who are associated with Dunlop, made the “Airflow” Dunloprufe and the Borg pile-fabric clothing for the successful Annapurna South Face Expedition. We find that their standard weather clothing, which can be worn in a variety of combinations, completely protects one from cold, wind and water. But its lightness makes it wearable at all times of the year. It is, in fact, used by TV companies for outside broadcast crews.

The garments are durably made, and the “Airflow” Dunloprufe coats, which accept patented internal Foarnliners for extra warmth, are free from condensation. The clean styling makes this clothing smart enough for leisure wear, and travel, the linings being added as necessary on arrival at cold places.

Details from Functional Clothing Limited, 20 Chepstow Street, Manchester M1 5JF—061-236 2606/7, who sell only direct to industry and individuals at prices from about £12.50.