Morgan v. Hispano-Suiza


Under “V-E-V Miscellany” in your January issue I was interested to read about the Hispano-Suiza which it was said took part in the MCC High-Speed Trial at Brooklands in 1926.

Although I have no record of the registration number I think that this must be the Hispano with which I had a duel with my Aero Morgan in that event, a cartoon of which by Leslie Grimes appeared in the Motor Cycle under the caption of “Dignity and Turner’s Morgan”.

I was just completing the first lap in the lead when the Hispano passed me and as I could not have that I re-passed it on the Railway Straight and did not see it again until a few laps from the end when I saw the car parked at the side of the Straight enveloped in steam.

During the following summer when visiting my mother at her summer residence our chauffeur told me that he had met the chauffeur of the owner of the Hispano, who had mentioned to him the whole episode. This one must admit was a strange coincidence, but he also said that repairs to the Hispano cost over £200, which was considerably more than the cost of a Morgan in those days.

The Hispano could not have averaged 60 m.p.h. for the standard distance to win a gold medal was 18 laps in the hour and it does not appear in the list of gold medal winners. I hope that the foregoing may be of some personal interest to you.

C.J. Turner.

[It might have tried again, in another High-Speed trial?—Ed.]