A reader of your splendid magazine for more years than I care to remember, I'd like to express my great appreciation of your write-up and pictures of the V12 "E"-type Jaguar in your April issue. A confirmed Jaguphile, I am particularly pleased to see that, in addition to the other improvements, this model has at least been given a wider track. The real purpose of this letter however is to ask you for a Road-Test of the 4.2-litre XJ6 car—I've been waiting for one for a long time and would be delighted to read what you think about it. Long may you reign.

John Goulburn.
Little Bispham.

[Jaguar Ltd. have at last allowed us to drive an XJ6 and we have purposely refrained from writing about it as, with 32,000 miles behind it, it failed to provide the enjoyment we had expected, indeed, dearly anticipated, from this luxury Jaguar. The gearbox was but one unhappy aspect of the car—we note that Paddy Hopkirk uses an automatic XJ6 and he should know about the niceties of gear-changing. Indeed, we are no longer sure whether we should have suggested, as we did last month, that an XJV12 might be a serious challenger to Rolls-Royce. Sorry, Mr. Goulburn!—Ed.]