Vintage odds & ends.



Ford Times has been looking for long-term Ford owners. Its first bag was all of pre-war cars, a 1936 Y-model Eight bought new by its Bedfordshire owner, a 14.9 h.p. Model-AF tourer bought with 7,000 miles on the “clock” at the Alexandra Palace Used Car Show of 1928, which has since put in another 200,000 miles for its builder-owner (who also has a 1926 Clyno bought in 1931), and a 1913 TraffordPark-built Model-T tourer sold by its original owner to a garage which used it as a hack. It is still in the same ownership, and has its original hood and upholstery. The aforesaid Model-Y, incidentally, replaced a 1922 Model-T Ford. There is also mention of a pre-war Model-Y Ford in daily use in Majorca. These Fords have a definite trace of Model-T ancestry and must be the most simple of the many economy cars of that era.

Omission of a line in the caption to the Donington pictures last month made it appear that Austin won the pre-war TT, Nuffield Trophy and Empire Trophy races there. What they did win were the 1937 Coronation Trophy and 1938 Empire Trophy races—as you can read in the new “Motor Sport Book of Donington”.

Oh, and in the Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone Lawrence spun at Woodcote, not getting quite so far as Worcester!

Yowl, Journal of the Scott OC, has some nostalgic material; the Club hopes to have more Scotts than Triumphs in the VMCC Banbury Run on June 17th. Its secretary is: A. Marfell, 295 Northfield Road, Harbourne, Birmingham 17.