Book reviews, May 1973, May 1973



Know Thy Beast
by E. M. G. Stevens. 193 pp., 8-1/2 in. x 5-1/4 in.. (The Vincent-HRD Club, 102a Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood, Essex. £1.05)

The high-powered motorcycle is being ridden by some discerning car owners these days, as a means of seeking and finding fun and much fresh air. So this book about the post-war Vincents, written by a rider who has owned a 1950 Series C Rapide since 1953 which he has used for 166,000 miles, virtually trouble-free, should be of value to those who find this sort of motoring sport centres around a good Vincent.

This is really a service manual, compiled from articles originally serialised in the Vincent-HRD OC M.P.H., but completely revised. It contains a great deal of information on restoration and maintenance of Series B, C, and D Vincent motorcycles. It is only available to members of the Vincent-HRD Club but there is nothing to prevent an owner who requires it from joining. It contains some advertisements but is adequately illustrated with photographs and diagrams and covers electrical matters, both Miller and Lucas.—W. B.

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