Getting it Right

This time it is again the Editor’s turn to comment under this heading. Apart from obvious spelling and other errors last month the printers, by dropping in an unwanted comma and changing one word, made me imply that Parry Thomas took to “professional motoring” (whatever that is) before he designed the Leyland 8. I am, in fact, well aware that he first designed the Leyland 8 and then became a professional racing motorist, in which capacity he broke the Brooklands lap-record twice and the Land Speed Record on two occasions. A nonsense was made of my report on the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy contest because the time: for the faster competitors over the s.s. and f.s. 1/4.-mile were omitted. As these an significant and will not be repeated until nexl year, they are appended. The Assistant Editoi points out also that his description of the Datsun 260Z as “fairly unsophisticated” was translated in print to “fairly sophisticated” -W.B

s.s. 1/4-mile

1. P. Dodds (Deep Sanderson 303) 13.52

2. G. Pitt. Junr. (Willment AC Cobra) 14.51

3. I. Hilton (AC Cobra) 15.05

4. R. Rew (Reliant Sabre Six) 15.31

5. D. Flanagan (Ferrari Berlinetta) 15.72

6. W. D. A. Black (Ferrari Dino) 15.89

f.s. 1/4-mile

1. P. Dodds (Deep Sanderson 303) 7.62

2. G. Pitt, Junr. (Willment AC Cobra) 7.80

3. D. Flanagan (Ferrari Berlinetta) 8.82

4. I. Hilton (AC Cobra) 8.86

5. W. D. A. Black (Ferrari Dino) 9.10

6. M. T. Hilton (Ferrari 275GTB) 9.11