Aviation Nostalgia



Aviation Nostalgia

Sir, How odd that you should review “No Echo in the Sky” by Harald Penrose in February 1975 MOTOR SPORT. Some books make a profound impression on one and they are never forgotten, and for me this was just such a book. I must have read it, borrowed I think from the local library, a year or two after first publication, and I remember its writing as being perhaps the most poetical prose I had ever

• read. Did your copy by chance have those delightful pen and ink line drawings at each chapter heading!

I lived in south Somerset, near Crewkerne, during the early fifties, and one of ‘my most vivid memories is of the unique sound of a Westland Wyvem being put through its paces in those wide Somerset skies west of Yeovil. When I came to read Harald Penrose’s book I fondly imagined that I had perhaps witnessed some of the author’s test flights in those years of promise in the field of British Aviation. Brackley, Northants. G. THORNHILL