And Readers React


What a sad story you relate for a 27,000 mile motor car. The strangest part seems to he the owner's insistence on returning to a particularly inept garage time and time again. [That's what I thought!—C.R.]

My own experience with a 1973 Sprint has been a very happy one. Purchased privately at 11,000 miles it has completed a further 14,000 without any trouble whatsoever. It is shod with its original tyres (with the spare unused) and turns in around 28 m.p.g.

My journeys are fairly short, otherwise I would miss an overdrive. In my opinion it should not he considered as a fast touring car but essentially a "suburban jack rabbit" —quick off the mark, manoeuvrable and hard to catch in the short haul.

On my experience one could go into the market place and buy .secondhand with confidence and also save a lot of money.

Merseyside D. P. MANCHETT