Mystery car 2


I was interested to see your “mystery car” Tailpiece in the April issue of Motor Sport.

This very car passed me approaching Lichfield at Easter 1975. I was nearing a roundabout in the rain in my Rover 3500 and was overtaken by HXC 800H which then went very securely into the very wet roundabout and out the other side like the wrath of God—most impressive.

It is, of course, the abortive Rover P8, the proposed replacement for the P5 series. As far as I have been able to ascertain, it was intended CO have a 4-litre version of the Rover V8 engine, impactable front and rear mouldings in urethane and Automotive Products’ hydraulic power brake, ride control and suspension systems. Quite a car !

Still, I hope we can look forward to LUL 86 P (your March Tailpiece) and its successors following in the best traditions of the excellent Rover P6 series. The new one is no beauty, unlike the P6, and it has a lot to live up to.