Motor Racing on Television


We cannot see the British Grand Prix live on TV because it coincides with the first day of the Olympics; that is understandable. However, now that motor racing really has become a dirty word in the eyes of the BBC, following withdrawal of coverage of the Race of Champions, we are unlikely to see a telerecording either.

At least we can rest assured in the utter fairness of the BBC in these things and will no longer have to endure the words DUNLOP or GOODYEAR on television, because these are also rubber goods that prevent accidents —are they not?

Glenrothes, Fife V. A. WINWRIGHT


Can anything be done about motor sport on television? So many of us think it was disgusting of the BBC not to put on the "Race of Champions" the other weekend, having advertised it in Saturday and Sunday programmes. Surely sponsorship is a good thing. They seem to be particularly against the tobacco firms, as well as Durex. Why can't ITV put on these motor racing events— they advertise enough. We enthusiasts go to the circuits pretty regularly but plenty of people cannot get there. The situation is pitiful. On top of this the "great" James Hunt won and all The BBC could put in the news was a quick black and white flash of the race. It's too had when we have such super, super drivers who are British. Not nearly enough of the sport is on TV, it's just football and horse racing all the time and surely they are sponsored?

Here's hoping something can be done through the various clubs.

Seer Green, Bucks. (Mrs.) J. COLSTON