Much excitement has been caused by the news that the enormous collection of old cars amassed and kept secret by Mon. Schlumpf at Mulhouse may soon come on the market, following the failure of the Schlumpf business and the intention of the French Government to sell some of the collection to meet debts incurred. This the millworkers employed by Schlumpf are opposing, as they are also owed money, apparently, and see in the unique collection a means of running a profitable concern. Fritz Schlumpf concentrated largely on Bugattis, so if the 300 or so that were interned at Mulhouse do come on the market, there could be a World Bugatti slump! There are many other makes also in his collection and readers have been posting us Press cuttings concerning the opening up of this remarkable museum.

Motor Sport's Continental Correspondent was talking of going out by flying-machine to investigate, so he may have more to say on the subject elsewhere. Among the more hysterical reports was one from Paul Webster, in the Guardian, who said that among the 584 "veteran" cars are 30 Bugatti Royales, worth a total of £2.1-million. This is amusing, because only six Royales were made and, of the three Schlumpf netted, one is a replica of the Esders roadster, with a railcar engine. One reader, David Halliday, sent us from Switzerland a more reliable report, which values the collection at £7.95million and says that it includes not only some very rare Bugattis but such makes as Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, a 1921 Indianapolis, an 1896 Benz-Velo, racing Maserati, Defaux and other cars, and some fine Panhard-Lavassor, Hispano-Suiza, Lorraine-Dietrich, Bucciali and similar cars, down to small 7/12 Peugeots and the like. Of the Bugattis, the number of Type 57s alone is quoted as 82. Exciting!—W.B.