The Singer Porlock




On p. 287 brief reference is made concerning the 100 ascents of Porlock Hill by a Singer Junior Sports 2-seater. This car was driven by John Derby, who was at that time endeavouring to sell a lot of Singers for Mullthers of Northampton, and had a Northampton registration number. Another employee and myself were seconded to John Deeley to help him with this sales drive.

We never knew where he came from, but he was well in with W. E. Bullock of Singers. I went with him to Coventry to collect NH 8689, which had had a bit of attention to the engine, a locked differential and knobbly rear tyres.

The Sports 2-seater was a normal production model with a pretty boat-tailed body, but after the successful attack on Porlock a new model appeared which was called the Porlock Sports and which had a much higher and rather unpleasant looking body.

I was given the opportunity of going on the Monte Carla Rally with the Deelrys in a Singer Junior saloon, but at that time I could not afford my share of the expenses.

As it happened they started from Glasgow but had trouble and did not reach Dover. At the end of that twelve months on Singers I left Mulliners and I believe Mr. Deeley did also.

Tenbury Wells, Worcs
D. A. Cooper