Insurance warning

All manner of events, for all kinds of vehicles from ancient cars to classics, will soon burst out all over the country — gymkhanas, autojumbles, runs, rallies, elegance contests, and many more. A pertinent note of warning for competitors is sounded by Arthur Freakes, editor of Coventry Spires, the magazine of the progressive Hillman Owners Club. It is to ignore events which do not provide insurance cover for any accidents which may occur to persons or property on a rally field. Your policy is unlikely to render you immune from such damages, and recent claims on entrants have amounted to £10,000. So be careful not to sign away the organisers’ liability when sending in your entry forms. The RAC approves events at which you are asked to insure against injury to yourself and your property only, and some organisers take out full indemnity insurance anyway. It would be wise to ignore those who do not!